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  1. Ray.Scotcher

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    Hi Folks,

    I think this may well have been discussed before, but am hoping for a little help. The band that I play for (Chinnor Silver) will be playing at our wedding on 19th July, and I am looking for suitable brass band arrangements for them to play as Bride enters the venue. Does anyone have a brass arrangement of "Pachelbel's Cannon in D" that we could borrow, or does anyone know where we could get hold of an arrangement for full band.
    Also any other suggestions (other than don't do it!!) would be most welcome. Many Thanks
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    I played at a wedding last year and we did The Lost Chord as the bride was coming in and that seemed to go down very well. (I can't remember the arranger but it's the one with the big, bubble writing in the title)


    How about making it like a royal wedding and have Trumpet Voluntary, Pomp and Circumstance March No 4 in G and music from the royal fireworks.:tup
  4. Ray.Scotcher

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    Many thanks - I think we may well be having Music for Royal Fireworks. I know the band has this piece of music. May have this at the end.
  5. Ray.Scotcher

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    Very piece of music indeed. We played it only last night at a concert.
  6. Euphjam

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    Fanfare and flourishes? James Curnow.
  7. Blossom

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    Serenade by Derek Bourgeois

    I believe it was written for his own wedding for the bride to walk down the aisle.

    Grimethorpe recorded it quite a few years ago. It is available from Band Supplies.
  8. SteveT

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    I have a pachabel arrangement, but I think you should understand and realise just how long this piece is ! (I would measure the distance in footsteps and trim something around that!" I also have others which I can offer you which I use for weddings. I would recommend "Rondeau" by Moret" also "The Rejoicing" from the Fireworks as an outgoing volountary! If you have sibelius I could send them, the ones that aren't copyrighted that is.
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    Ha ha quality Mark! :p
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    Don't know this guy, but he does a "Brass Band Wedding Survival Kit" with all the most popular pieces and hymns, looks useful?
  12. Ray.Scotcher

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    Thanks for this information. On reflection I would agree that pachabel will prove to be too long, but the other suggestions are useful. I am looking at using Royal Fireworks music as we leave.
  13. tubagod

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    Bruremarsj (wedding march) by Jan magne Forde
    or Wedding March for the crown prince and the crownprincess also by Forde
  14. alanl58

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    We bought "The Book For All Occasions" last year, and this has Wedding March and loads of other suitable arrangements. He also provides a SATB version which can be useful.

    It all came via a *.pdf file, which we then printed, but I think he did a "bound" version as well at extra cost.

    We also played Pachabels Canon, but this was when the couple were signing the register.

  15. Bunnymonster

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    I came in to Olympic Fanfare at my wedding. Was just the right length (about 1min 20secs) and very very grand. Went out to Widor's Toccata (a bit cliched maybe, but a fantastic piece - bit of a swine to play though!)
  16. andyp

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    My wife came in to the Grand March from 'Aida' (it was the music used for the crowning of the school princesses when she and her friends were little), and we went out to "Standard of St George", first march Croston Coffee Day every year.

    You can use anything (within reason) but do measure in advance how long it takes to walk in, if you carry on much after the bride stops at the altar it doesn't look very good, but neither does stopping abruptly in the middle of a phrase!
  17. Jasper

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    We used - at my wedding last Sept - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba :) as processional, Rejoicings (GFH from Royal Fireworks) as recessional and Scarboro Fair/Nessum Dorma during signing of the register - arranged for 7 piece by old mate Mike Ward at Corsham. It all worked well......well according to my wife anyway !!
  18. ballyhorn

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    Cant remember the music at my wedding really....think we had festive overture and royal fireworks....But I think Year of the Dragon would have been more appropriate looking back......we are now divorced by the way:D
  19. DMBabe

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    Whatever u do choose make sure that if the band are in any way out of the way (ours were up in the Gallery), that the usher (my non-banding brother) doesn't run up and tell them ur there too early. My lot started playing the processional just after I got out the car and still had Photo-type nonsense to do so it was 10 times round the Prince of Denmarks march.... at least u can see me chuckling in the photos!

    one thing that was useful while the crowd were sitiing around was the priest had a run through the hymn.... I did an arrangement of Bind us together that sounded like german Bierkeller music.... friends still talk about that one. Quite a nice idea if ur crowd are predominantly not church-goers (like me who hadn't heard it until I arranged it!!!). Also a good idea to stick to hyms that everyone knows or are really easy to pick up and in a singable key!!

    For exit music we used an arrangement that the band had of Purcells trumpet tune and air (only bypassed the air) and it sounded fine with only a dozen players. With careful distribution of parts most stuff for full band will sound ok with a smaller group.

    Good luck!!:D
  20. Ray.Scotcher

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    Many thanks for all the replies, which have been great. Certainly made us have a rethink particularly with timing of the processional!! has given us some ideas and so now looking at Purcells Trumpet Tune for the Processional, with Music for Royal Fireworks as an exit. Possibly "Love changes everything" whilst signing register. I have seen Purcells Trumpet Tune on "You Tube" played at a couple of band weddings and seemed to work with just the right timing, so if it was your wedding on "You Tube", many thanks!!