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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to get some feedback about an idea I had recently - i'm sure its one which has been discussed on this site before.

    I am just about to start the final year of my MSc Internet and Multimedia Design course and I am looking for a project with some depth which I could complete this year. I have been involved in brass bands my whole life and have read the various threads on this forum about the limited outlets bands have to have their music aired.

    I came up with the idea of creating a web-radio station that constantly played band music. It would give all bands a chance to have some of their music aired and listen to by essentially - the whole world!!

    What would be ideal is if I contacted some of the bands I had friends in, and asked each one to donate a single song from a CD or other recording. This should provide me with a decent library of songs that would be available to listen to online at any time. In return I would profile each of the bands that donated a song on the site. The songs would be in no danger of being downloaded as the files would be hosted on a secure server that I host all of my clients web sites on. I am not sure of the copyright implications of this project and I will probably have to do a lot more research in this area by contacting recording labels or even MCPS. It is for my final project for my course.

    I want as much feedback as possible from people because if the copyright issue is going to be a problem or I don’t get much of a response I will have to pick a different project.

    Thanks for your time
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    Good idea, but it is my guess that there are many copyright implications involved here. You are also mistaken in thinking that music cannot be recorded when played over the net... There are several audio capture applications out there that allow you to record streamed audio.

    The copyright issue is one that would not be insurmountable though. Drop o query to Dave Payn
    [font=&quot]of the PRS who will be in a position to offer you further advice.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on yeah...
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