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    I am currently undergoing a project to see what the trends were like in brass banding during 2008.

    My plan is to run this survey each year to find out what each and every brass band in the county got up to in the previous year as well as details such as player numbers, contest results, etc.

    I am currently in the middle of designing a website where each band will be able to log in and view their submitted results and add previous years data too. Visitors to the site we be able to see the average results of bands in their area and all over the UK too.

    I have compiled a survey which can be found at All brass bands within the UK are free to fill it in. Not all fields are required, so just fill in what you want, but the more details you enter, the broader view we will get of the UK banding scene.

    Towards the end of February, I'll post the average results collected so far and how many bands have entered their details.

    If you have any ideas or comments, please let me know, as this could give us really useful information as to brass bands in the 21st Century.
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    Me too :tup
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    Hi there, it's an interesting survey but I've just given up filling it in.

    I write questionnaires and surveys professionally and your questions are just too vague for you to get any accurate data. Some of them mention a time frame (e.g. last year's income) but others don't. For example, do you want the number of members a band has right now or the number of players for the period covered by the financial data?

    Don't get me wrong - I think the survey is a really interesting idea, I just think your questions would benefit from a little fine-tuning. Put very basically, your data is likely to make it difficult for you to say any more than something like "brass bands sold 27 tons of apples and bananas last year" but wording your questions more carefully, you should be able to say something like "in their most recent financial year, brass bands sold a total of 19 tons of apples and 8 tons of bananas"

    On a constructive note, if you want to PM me, I'll be happy to help you to tighten your questions up into something that should help to attract more consistent responses from different bands.


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    Another one entered.
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    Done as much as possible but you've missed the Scottish Brass Band association. Initially thought u were just looking at bands in england and wales till I saw the Irish band association....:rolleyes:
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    A survery similar to this was done last year for all the Scottish bands as part of the SBBA consultation paper.

    Bands have just been issued a shortened survey paper in the past week to gather information on engagements, personnel, age and gender groupings etc.

    Contact Tom Allan through the SBBA website and i'm sure he'll send you a copy of last year's results as well as the recent info when it's all collated.
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    That would be Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland isn't part of the UK, and has a separate association (in which concert bands are also included!).
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    Done, except the financial bit, as that's our business. ;)
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    Another nit-pick for the list (sorry!) - many bands play in more than 1 section either because they have different local/national gradings, or they can enter more than 1 section at the same contest, or like us they've maintained a place in higher section contests after national relegation. It gets pretty confusing!
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    Done. One point, beware of counting players more than once. We're non - contesting but some of our players (and the MD!) play in contests for other bands.
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    Done, bit vague in places - and one the contesting page, i dont' see the need for points, as theyr'e gonna vary so much from type of contest and man/men/ women in the box!
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    Thank you everyone who has taken part so far and made comments.

    I have made some changes to the questionnaire (hopefully for the better) which are mainly described below.

    Please feel free to submit the survey again. We can also discount any previous submissions. The link again is (Please note that this survey is carried out on a secure server).

    Again, please post or PM any comments.

    I have added time frames to questions to make things clearer on which data to include.

    Scottish Brass Band Association now added!

    Income and expenditure have been removed and there is just one question relating to profit. *This is not a necessary field.

    I have added a note to the survey stating that the count is regarding players registered with that band only (to exclude players registered with other bands).

    The need for points have been removed. Only rankings are now asked for.
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    Killamarsh details entered.
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    Done it