Brass band summer school

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  1. Is there any brass band summer school/camp in GB?
    And are they in that case open for people from aboard?

    It would have been fun trying it out, have done everything here, and there aren't enough challenges...
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    there certainly are - one in bromsgrove springs to mind? I know a number of people off this site go so I am sure one of them will post the details soon :tup
  3. Di

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    There is indeed and many tMPers go too. Will be back in a tic hopefully with some details for you. :)

    Edit: Details from Mr Biggs through his site here.

    Edit edit: Ooops. Snap! :)
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  4. imthemaddude

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    Yes I can provide details of Bromsgrove and it will be my 4th year this year!
    It's a comedy from start to finish - you'll never laugh so much in all your life again. Not to mention getting flooded into a camping shop during rehearsal and the traditional curry night and quiz with drunken locals. :D the list goes on.
  5. imthemaddude

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    The details are in this weeks bandsman - I'll have to do it off the top of my head but it is around the first week in august and costs over £300 upto about £400 and something for a better room. When I find my bandsman I'll be more accurate. Hope this gives you an idea.
  6. imthemaddude

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    There was a girl who played 3rd cornet for Stravanger go one year and a girl from the front row of Brottum Brass So I dont know if you can get intouch and see if they are comming and get a lift over?
  7. DublinBass

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    My wife and I went in 2004. It was a lot of fun.

    I believe Bromsgrove is usually the 2nd week in August.

    There is also one in Swansae (Wales)...I think the last week in July.
  8. vcbjet

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    There is the Wessex Band Summer School.

    its a good course and has both wind, brass and junior bands.
  9. jingleram

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    Am off to a brass band course tommorow! Well, later today...Territorial Youth Band is a course for young brass musicians in the UK territory of the Salvation Army to meet in fellowship, and to play to a high standard during th week, resulting in a final festival in partnership with the Territorial Youth Choir (similar story but with vocalisers!). Fantastic week, this is my third, am sure it will be muchos funos!
  10. Steve

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    Band Camp!! If only those that mocked realised American Pie wasnt so far from the truth. haha

    Anyway, before a mod tells me to get back on topic.......... everyone I know who has attended Wessex speaks very highly of it so a 2nd hand recommendation from me.
  11. daveredhead

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    I agree with all that has been said before, Bromsgrove is great, Dates are Sun Aug 6th to Saturday 12th August, (so you can still do grouse shooting.) Richard Evans course director, The company and music is good,first class accomodation and social life:clap: :clap: (Full board £325.00) i have been for last 5yrs, and going again this year, but dont let that put you off!! Hopeto see you there, people from all over attend
  12. Rapier

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    One of our bass players goes there every year and loves it! However he does have to leave early on the last day, as we always have a job that day and he HAS to be at it!!