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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by baritoneosh, Mar 5, 2013.

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    I have been trying to get hold of a test piece I'm interested in using for our band, it's Voices of Youth, Gregson. We haven't got it in our library and have asked neighbouring bands, but no luck yet.
    unfortunately this piece of Muisc is in the £40 region, and don't want to buy it, just in case it's not suitable. I'm sure if I see a copy of the score than I could make a decision if it's suitable. Is there any websites or anyone here could send me a sample of the score?

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    Contact the brass band archive in wigan as they holds thousands of pieces of music and for a small donation will lend it to you for a couple of weeks.
    Just email them to see if they have it. You can find their website by putting in brass band archive in google. they are really helpful. the chaps who run it are Alan and Walter
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    I have sent you a message about this.
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    I know Wantage have it in their library as I remember playing it there in the C band circa 1990. Contact details on their website.
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    I see from your profile that you're in Deiniolen, NW Wales - just having a look at the list of known contest performances of the piece on brassbandresults to see who near you has performed it:

    The obvious library to try would be that of Llanrug band, a couple of miles up the road, who played it in the NW Area 4th section in 1976. Next would be Beaumaris, who played in the same contest. Other reasonably close candidates are below:
    Aberystwyth Youth - Welsh Area (Youth Section) 1986
    Conwy Town - Leamington Spa (4th section), 1976 and NW Area (4th section), 1976
    Newtown - Welsh Area (4th section), 1976
    North Powys County Youth - Welsh Area (4th section), 1976
    Point of Ayr - NW Area (4th section), 1976

    But three of those are no more, and the other two are distinctly further away.
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    Thanks for that. didn't think checking like that. Even though I have contacted Beaumaris and unfortunately they don't have it. I will contact the others in due time.


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