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    Eight things you (probably) didn't know about

    - Today, we have 108,078 distinct contest results. 75,929 of them have placings.

    - You can see a map of bands taking part in any contest. See the link on the Geography tab - try the one at It's also interesting to see the map for old contests and see what happened to the bands since - the section shown on the map is their current section. is a good example - some bands are now in the first section, others are extinct.

    - You can compare conductors with each other. Pick two conductors at - Nick and Bob Childs are extremely close (

    - The full map at contains nearly 3,500 bands (Thanks Dave). Pick any region at to see a map of just that region. You can search the map at

    - You can build up your own contest history on the site. Once you've done this it'll tell you when you've played particular pieces, or when you've been adjudicated by a particular adjudicator.

    - Conductors, Adjudicators and Composers can support the project and personalise their page with a low cost paid profile. See for an example. Click the Personalise This Page button on your page to add a profile.

    - Bands can also take control of their page with a low cost paid profile, and advertise concerts and player vacancies. See for an example. This also gives you access to a tool which will let you submit news to multiple brass band news publications. Click the Personalise This Page button on your band page to add a profile.

    - We have many programme covers on the site, including some old contest programmes. Here's the full Crystal Palace programme from 1933,


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