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  1. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Can anyone give me a definitive answer,

    'Who has the actual rights of ownership of the Brass Band Registry?'
  2. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    The people at the Registry itself, I would imagine. Why not ask them?
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  3. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Brass Bands England (formerly the British Federation of Brass Bands/BFBB) are sole owners of BFBB Contests Ltd, which includes the British Brass Band Registry.
  4. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Thank you Alex.

    Thanks Jim I could not get through to them.

    However thank you to the person who forwarded the following message to clear the question once and for all.

    'The Brass Band Registry is a company in its own right with a board of directors but with the only a single shareholder, being the BFBB.

    And as such it has no rights to be the sole administrator of registration in the UK'
  5. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    I predict a riot !
  6. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    It never has had sole rights - SCABA for example have maintained their own Registry for their own contests
  7. its_jon

    its_jon Member

    why is -who has rights- an issue ?
  8. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Looks like this is the end of the Barnsley Registry then see 4barsrest today - guess this will now belong to Kapitol
  9. iffytboner

    iffytboner Member

    Sounds like it will cost a bit. Even though they state that they will "replace existing registration cards with new ones displaying the expiry date of the old cards". I wouldn't mind a small wager that there will be an "admin" fee applied
  10. John_D

    John_D Member

    Never had any bother when the registry was at Belle Vue (run by Ethel ?)
  11. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Maybe time for some pioneering contests to make a break for it and declare themselves registration-free zones
  12. If only.......
  13. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    I am assuming (having read the 4barsrest article ) that by 'National Championships 2013' the statement also includes the Regional Qualifying Contests which bands have to attend to gain an invitation to the National Championships.

    These contests are organised by the various associations around the country on behalf of Kapitol. What happens if those associations decide that that prefer to use the Brass Bands England registry - will bands the not qualify for the nationals or will Kapitol take over organising those contests?

    Will bands have to submit new photographs for all their players to gain the new cards and will Kapitol then get the renewal fee when bands renew their cards? I assume Yes!

    Why should Scotland and Wales be different, why should they be allowed to enter the National Championships but not be registered with the Brass Band Players Registry? Is this discrimination by our Celtic cousins against the English? Surely all players should be registered with the same registry if entering the same Championships or keep the status quo?

    Is the brass band movement happy for a profit making company for hijack the registry for their own ends/profits?

    I ask these questions to prompt debate and question the reasons for this announcement now (it seems opportunistic given the problems between the BFBB and the registry) when we have always had a different registry to Wales and Scotland and other than the recent hiccup all has operated well to my knowledge.

    We certainly don't want to end up with two National Competitions in the future. We only have to study the history of darts to see what happens.

    Please debate!
  14. marc71178

    marc71178 Member

    How long before Kapitol charge contests for the use of their registry?
  15. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    cant be any worse than the current sorry state of affairs. you never know it might be an improvement!
  16. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    The 'movement', as you call it, has been quite happy for all its major contests to be instigated and run by profit-making companies and businessmen over the past 170 years, so I see no reason why anyone should object to a registry being run in similar fashion.
  17. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    I agree but they pretty much have all used 'The Registry' up to now.

    This seems like an opportunistic attempt to gain the registry income free of charge by insisting that all bands taking part are registered with Brass Band Player Registry. If it is not, then why not make the same rule for the Welsh and Scottish areas?

    I really haven't got a problem with anyone making a profit from running contests but it should be the same rule for all bands entering the contest irrespective of their region surely?

    Seems like a deal done with Scotland and Wales to keep them sweet accordingly and it has been forced upon English bands wanting to compete at the areas.

    What if Brass Bands England say that to compete at the English National Championships (run by Brass Bands England) all bands have to be registered with the current registry, then what? Bands registered with two different registries at double the cost?

    It will be most interesting to see how the current registry respond and who will win what seems like a power struggle between Brass Bands England and Kapitol and how the six English regions respond. Interesting times.
  18. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    So we're going back to the 60's and 70's where we'll have two organisations competing for dominance....super! :-? It's only going to end in tears.

    I salute your vision but you've got to remember mate we can't say things like this....there'll be too much cheating in banding with registration! (Which many people have made clear on many, many different threads from the year dot!)
  19. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    I might have missed an answer (if I'm honest I've not looked in depth :p), but with the likes of Butlins saying they'll support the new kapitol registry, does that mean they'll not be accepting bands who belong to the BBE registry?
  20. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    Funny you should say that Dave, it's one of the items on my list for discussion regarding the ODBBA Winter Contest at the next committee meeting.