Brass Band Registry taking industrial action against BFBB

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stevetrom, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. All4Brass

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    Details of the press conference held by the BFBB are now available at
  2. tubafran

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    Am I missing something here? The press release given to 4barsrest is replicated on the all4brass site interrupted by "questions" - Were there actually any questions put or asked?
  3. ChrisHatch

    ChrisHatch Member

    No, you're not missing anything.
  4. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    Ignoring any rights or wrongs of this particular dispute, this is the very reason I often take a dim view on people hammering about their personal injustices in public (with the odd exception). People should most definitely follow the correct options open to them to resolution before shouting about it - especially when the other party is not making similar public statements of disgust.

    I find myself a little bit biaised in that, in my personal experience, I have found that the 'wronged-party' is often the party mostly at fault. AGAIN, this is no indication of rights and wrongs in this specific case (I have always found the people at the registry to be extremely helpful), just how I feel this type of public 'enragement' can have a negative impact on the parties involved, the outcome of the dispute, and the movement in general.

    As far as the approach to public comments, I think the BFBB's approach has been the correct one.
  5. Bob Sherunkle

    Bob Sherunkle Active Member

    Who is (or are) All4Bras?

    And what do they want?
  6. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    They front a music publishing company.. they're there to sell music... clever marketing ploy :)
  7. All4Brass

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    The questions are those that have been gathering over the last few weeks. However, to avoid further confusion, the original press release in its entirety has now been uploaded.

    Whilst we make no secret of this (for more information, see the ‘About Us’ page), in the relatively short time All4Brass has been online, we have contacted & promoted other publishing companies offering them the chance to advertise their music – free! As well as the chance for bands to advertise for players, promote concerts etc, all free. We've had a fantastic response from the banding community since our launch and we can only thank you all for your words of support & good wishes.
  8. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    All publicity is good publicity :) Good luck with the venture
  9. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Gavin - thanks for that, and for the adjustment you made to your page (crikey the power of a forum in action). I've not reacherd any opinion on this matter so far and like everyone else probably still trying to untangle what's been said or perhaps what's not being said. Perhaps there will be some more information from the "various press publications" who were invited to attend the press conference later this week.

    Oh and keep up the good work - especially the Twitter feeds
  10. ploughboy

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    I'm not sure I can make the BFBB AGM as asked to on 4BR - so could anyone tell me why we should be members? it's a 100 quid a year, and I struggle to see what benefits we really gain . . . I could be missing something really obvious of course!
  11. All4Brass

    All4Brass Member

    You are welcome. I would certainly urge people to read this week's bandsman & to keep an eye on 4br. All4Brass were kindly invited to the BFBB press conference, however unfortunately were unable to attend. The Bandsman & 4br were in attendance & were able to cover the story in much more detail, with follow up questions. The article on A4B is the stand alone press release given by the BFBB.
  12. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    All a bit depressing this, the announcement by Kapitol (perhaps supported by all or some of the English regions) that they`ll be making there own arrangements as regards registration, smacks of a well timed attempt by them to neuter any pretensions the BFBB (soon to be the EFBB of course) have of being English bandings governing body.
    I have a feeling this story about an aggrieved employee is only the half it, this is the latest spat in the long running battle between a protectionist private company and their short-sighted lackeys namely the English regional commitees on the one side and the BFBB who realise that the long term future of English banding is best served by a democratic governing body with a much needed national focus on the other.
    The thought incidently that an employee of the BBBR could be off with stress, is frankly laughable and an insult to those of us who deal with real stress as part of our working lives....get a grip ffs!
  13. critic

    critic Member

    Your last line ie its laughable and a insult that an employee of BBBR could be of with stress is made without the facts being known.till then i suggest you think twice before making such a statement. The whole thing is a mess and as been brewing for a while
  14. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    I`m curious, is the highlighted text, a threat?
  15. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    Can I suggest that we leave this line of discussion there please? I don't think it's fair to be judging individuals in this way. We don't know the facts and every individual should always be given the benefit of the doubt.

    The thoughts around how these things should be handled publicly, and discussions over organisations and the role of the registry is a good and healthy debate, but let's be human and leave the individuals out of it regardless of our own views. We're all human and deserve a little restraint occasionally.
  16. iancwilx

    iancwilx Active Member

    Well said, and I think that the principle should be generally applied to posts on this forum.

    Mr Wilx
  17. Damocles

    Damocles Member

    There appears, on the surface, very little benefit at all. The issues relating to the BFBB ( of which we know very little in reality) are all part of the malaise in banding. Until a truly democratic system is introduced, allowing all registered players to have a voice, then the staus quo will continue to amble along aimlessly. The BFBB has an opportunity to grasp the situation and introduce such a system, therefore giving ownership to individual players, conductors and adjudicators (including non-playing officials) who may then feel that they have a real voice in the future direction of the brass band movement.
  18. Toby

    Toby Member

  19. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    It is not for individuals to wait to be 'given ownership' - the world does not owe anyone a living. It is for individuals to seize their opportunity through action on their part. That opportunity, in the form of membership of the BFBB, has been available for many years, either in the form of associate membership or full membership. The benefits of membership will only become apparent once the organisation is populated by members of the community it seeks to represent. Once a member, you have the opportunity to exert influence. Until then, you're powerless. Shouting from the sidelines will achieve nothing, as this (and countless earlier threads on the same subject) demonstrate.

    Progress here requires an act of faith on the part of the individual. It requires commitment, whether through active involvement or the simple paying of a membership fee.

    I've said all this before, and don't really know why I'm saying it again.....
  20. Damocles

    Damocles Member

    The BFBB doesn't offer membership to individuals (unless I've misread their website) but to individual brass bands. Yes, each band can send a representative to reflect the views of their band members but how often does this happen? Individuals cannot have the "opportunity to exert influence" whilst implicitly excluded from the process.

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