Brass Band Regions/Areas map?

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  1. Euph Chris

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    Does anyone know where I can find a map showing the 8 regions covered by each band association (e.g. North West, London & Southern Counties etc)? Thanks

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  3. jackocorn

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    So how come only the links to the LONDON & SOUTHERN COUNTIES REGION and YORKSHIRE areas actually work?

    How much do I hate websites with 75% of links on a single page not working? Bit of waste of space isn't it?
  4. johnmartin

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    Not really, at least they tried. At the time it was created many of the areas didn't have websites so there were no links. Are you sure you're using it correctly because only WofE, Wales and North West didn't have a site link when I tried it.

    The Scottish Brass Band Association website can be found at
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  5. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Agreed - all the links on the site work, they just don't have any link information for some of the areas. (and neither do IBEW so maybe these regions don't have sites?)

    Having said that, the underlying county boundaries map is very outdated :(
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  6. Accidental

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    Hi Chris :)
    Did you just want a general map or confirmation of which county is in which region? There's a full list in the rules, I've got an emailable copy at home if you want it!
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    West of England do now have a site, but it doesn't have much info on it....
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