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  1. tuba1974

    tuba1974 Member

    I have a very large collection of brass band and military records well over 500, I,ve been collecting for many years, paying anything from 20p to £50 pounds.
    it was black dyke playing L' ROI 'DYS from 1959 on paxton well worth the money I paid (£50) just to hear the legend Geoff whitham on euph, :clap:.
    Does any body else out collect brass/military LPs,
    Whats your fav, mine are the banstand records made by munn and feltons/GUS from the 50s/60s great band.:tup
  2. Red Kite

    Red Kite Member

    High Wycombe
    Just listening to Cammell Laird on Fontana... :) I have around 500 Brass Band LPs as well, Favourites are CWS on Fontana.
  3. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    Hinckley, Leicestershire
    I don't have as many as you but still cherish my LP collection and listen to selected items from time to time (and in due course will digitise them all to preserve them).

    I particularly value my Solna Brass LPs - this was the band who almost alone was releasing albums of serious music back in the 1970s. The recordings of The Unicorns and the Gordon Jacob Piano Concerto are particularly valuable to me.

    Also a rare copy of the PJBE Robert Suter LP - although I have to say the music isn't very inspiring, I still enjoy my (signed) copy of JSVB's Ten of the Best, and GUS's World Champions LP with THAT performance of Energy on it.

    Vinyl still has a lot going for it!
  4. sirbucko

    sirbucko Member

    brass band recordings

    hi there. i have over the many years collected brass band records, tapes cds, and 78s. from bands including, fodens, bickershaw coll, wingates, dyke, man cws, men of brass, harry motrs all star brass and so on. in total i have over 400 .my most treasured ones are, life divine fodens [ tommy hines] resurgem, stanley boddington, a pre rehearsal recording of cws alec mort, force of destiny, and fodens rex mort, diadem of gold on an old paxton label. pete roberts has said he has one regret never playing diadem of gold on the contest stage, i hope he listends to the best ever soprano cornet player, playing this, fodens legendary sop player charlie cook, he was the master of them all. sop players today are all power and blast. charlie cook had more octaves in his range than an organ. check with bram gay comments on charlie cook. he rated denis brain and charlie cook as the two finest brass players he has ever heard. many thanks ian buckley.
  5. sirbucko

    sirbucko Member

    hi there. i am after three recordings all by fodens motot works band conductor fred mortimer. epic symphony, comedy overture, pagentry. can any one help me to get these recordings. please get intouch. many thanks ian buckley.
  6. Highams

    Highams Member

    Slough, Berkshire, England
    Prefer listening to the LP collection more than current CD's sometimes.

    All the CWS recordings get a blast, as do some late 60's Fairey & Fodens (with Marcus Cutts & Dennis Smith on euphs) with Teddy Gray. An early Grimethorpe recording has GT's arrangement of Fingal's Cave Ov. too, great playing all round.

    There's an amazing record of GUS playing Le Domino Noir Ov. & Colonel Bogey on Parade with the attention to detail of a test piece!

    Too mant to list really.

  7. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    I think there was a similar thread some time ago. I used to have a large LP collection. Eventually transferred most of it to CD. Some of my favourites are "Live" RAH recordings of the ISB - The Present Age; The Holy War; Fantasia for Band and Piano; Princethorpe (still have that LP among a few that I kept). I also enjoy a lot of other performances from that era, many of which have been mentioned already including some Grimethorpe (Spectrum especially) and Dyke (Benvenuto Cellini; A Kensington Concerto) and GUS - Energy and La Carnaval Romain.......where do you stop?
  8. Pondasher

    Pondasher Member

    Record Collection

    I have been collecting Brass, Military and Salvation Army recordings in all formats for over 50 years.

    Including duplicates, I have over 6,000 in the LP/EP/7" format alone, not including several 100's of 78rpm, cassette and CD.

    Additionally, I have well over 1,000 items of band memorabilia, ranging from autographs, books, cups, medals, music stand banners, photographs, plaques, postcards, programmes, uniforms etc. - the list is endless.

    Several years ago I decided to carefully catalogue all of the items on detailed computer databases, and these now form the basis for my website KEITH QUINN MEMORABILIA.

    It is always a pleasure to be able to relax and listen to many of the recordings that are now unavailable, and still prefer vinyl compared to CD.

    Keith Quinn
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