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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mikemjc, Jun 1, 2003.

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    Does anyone out there no whether there are any brassband recordings that were made on 78 rpm gramaphone records. All that I seem to be able to find is milatery recordings. Nice as Im sure they are it is not what Im looking for. Can anybody help :?: javascript:emoticon(':dunno')
    Hmm, just don't know
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  3. PeterBale

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    Are you looking for the 78s themselves or more recent transfers from early recordings?

    If you're looking for transfers onto cd there are a number around: SP&S have issued a series of 4 cds featuring early Salvation Army bands, plus a couple of soloists (The Old Wells, Army of the Brave, Where Duty Calls, In the Firing Line). (Contact for more details)

    The Fodens centenary double cd (Centenary Brass, DOYCD100) features old recordings on the first cd.

    There was also a recording advertised recently featuring massed bands playing marches, but I don't have the details of that one to hand. There is also a cd featuring Jack MacKintosh, some of which is to various other accompaniments, but which features some with brass band, including duets with Harry Mortimer.
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    thanx guys. yes Im looking for the 78's themselves. very elusive they are. 8) Onwards and upwards [/quote]
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    there is also a remastered collection of the besses o'th' barn band through the ages (mainly from their world domination period!) that was released not so long ago too
  6. Brasspenguin

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    Other than the sources already mentioned, there is

    Choice Recordings who have converted old 78s to CD and may have some leads on the original records.

    Also, the Regal 78 Association for old SA records,

    and a list of some known 78 rpm brass band recordings, which can be found in the IBEW. (Any additions or contributions to this latter list are more than welcome!)

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