Brass Band Radio Top 20 for August 2009

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    Here are the top 20 as voted by the listeners:


    1. Journey Through America - Brass Band Willebroek - Kings Of Brass
    2. Indiana Jones "The Temple Of Doom Medley" - Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band - Movie Brass
    3. Russian Christmas Music - Brass Band Of Columbus - The Champions
    4. Che soave Zeffiretto from Marriage of Figaro - Foden's Richardson Band - Ghost Train
    5. Peace Like a River - Household Troops Band - The Jolly Salvationist
    6. Hunting Wabbits - Stavanger Brass Band - Brass in Concert Championships
    7. Folk Festival - Montclair Citadel Band - Building the Faith
    8. Cat Tales (III Scat!) - Brass Band Buizingen - Cats Tales
    9. Let There Be Praise - Bellshill Band Of The Salvation Army - The Call Of The Righteous
    10. GreenBeats Bumblebee - Cavalier's Front Ensemble - Tap Space

    11. Batman - Oberaargauer Brass Band - The Great Film Heroes
    12. Indiana Jones "The Last Crusade" - Black Dyke Band - Screen Blockbusters
    13. Gettysburg - Oberaargauer Brass Band - The Great Film Heroes
    14. Flying Home - Brighouse & Rastrick Band - The Best Of Goff Richards
    15. The Police Academy March - Brass Band Willebroek - Sparkling Brass
    16. Men of Harlech (ETG) - Cory Band - Enter the Galaxies
    17. Sousarama -The Royal Doulton Brass Band - Brass To The Fore
    18. A Spin Through Moscow - Leyland Band - By Arrangement
    19. Fireball XL5 Zero G - Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band - Brass in Concert Championships
    20. Hook (Movie Theme) - Brass Band De Waldsang - Hostile Skies (Lake Music)

    I would REALLY like to than for their sponsorship. They saved the station. Take a look at their music. I really like Calypso Christmas myself as a former MD.

    But even with PDFBrass on board, only about half the costs are covered. I lost my job due to a car accident. Hence I cannot afford the other half for long. I need 1 to 3 more sponsors. Deals can be made.

    Contact me at

    You can listen to the station for free at It is legal, as I pay my royalties.

    Dr. Jim Fox, the "BagMan"
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