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    In January 2014 a new Internet based weekly Talk radio show is being launched for Brass Bands.

    We want everyone involved with Brass Bands to join in!

    Tune in when we go live (15th January 2014 8.00- 9.00pm GMT) and talk live with us for anything Brass Band related.

    Any posts on our Facebook page may be used throughout our live shows.
    No Brass band music will played due to copyright etc.
    Purely a Talk Radio to voice your Brass Band opinions whatever they may be.

    Promote your Concerts, Vacancies Contest news etc etc

    Free and a not for profit organisation.

    Visit our Facebook page and Like share & Follow

    Thank you

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    You could announce the winner of your trombone prize !

  3. chrisjohnston

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    But this has nothing to do with Helios UK



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