Brass Band Radio reporters wanted !!

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by chrisjohnston, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Brass Band Reporters required ( Volunteers Un Paid)
    If you would like to report on a Contest / Concert / Interview someone, with results or comments of the event you visited etc we need you.
    You would need to be able to record an MP3 voice file of your report and email it to us, then we would run it on our 24 / 7 radio station air play.
    Also you would have the opportunity to Call in Live to our weekly Broadcast and discuss your report etc Live!
    Another exciting innovation from Brass Band Radio Talk Live.
    If you are interested just email over a 30 second MP3 voice file, just introducing your self about your experience etc.
    Then we will get back to you.
    Come and join the fun with us
  2. chrisjohnston

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    If you missed our live broadcast 26th February.

    Catch up and Tune in now, its running 24 hours a day.

    Thank you


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