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    How much of the news in the banding press is genuinely news worthy material? Most of it seems to be press releases by people who want to advertise themselves! Who is interested in the whereabouts of a relatively unknown Australian Euph player for example! Is the banding press merely a vehical for self publicists or is every day in banding a slow news day? It used to be the same old names that courted the written press back in the day which was often cringing but at least most of those people had actually done it, all I read now is people who have done nothing telling me about their day to day movements and conductors of youth bands telling me when they have broken wind.......its of NO interest to the general banding population, please stop it!
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    Yes... I agree whole heartily.
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    don't read it! You have a choice.

    It's simple enough.
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    As you correctly point out this is not new and was rife in the banding press prior to the internet. It's also typical of the usual slow news/holiday period in August, but I don't think it does any harm - better none-news than no-news. Your specific gripe appears to be with Aussie MVE, who to be fair cannot to be said to have "done nothing" as the following from his own bio shows:- also held principal positions with the worlds leading brass bands including: Black Dyke, Fodens, Leyland, Desford Colliery, Brighouse and Rastrick If I had been even principle librarian with bands such as these I would have considered myself to have done plenty.
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    Did he? Not that I can remember at Fodens anyway. Unless that is he joined before Nick Childs! Is that called pimping your C.V? Right.......On that note, I'm just off to play the Jaba the Hut Tuba solo live on the Proms with the LSO!!!! Catch ya in a bizzle as the youth of today say (when their not out rioting and looting!!) BTW 50 size 10 Nike trainers for sale if anyones interested, all left foot!!!
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    Its just not NME is it ?!

    Because its NOT New.

    and if its not New, for me its not 'New's.

    Wake up Brass 'Movement'

    Start MOVING !

    "If you don't like it don't read it"

    That would be SO easy to do but the original poster obviously cares enough to offer criticism ... which is good !

    So much Brass Band topic and copy is merely preaching to the converted... Goodness knows who the 'converted' actually are !!! if that's what they like to read #!

    No.... the wrong people have far too much say in the Brass Band world and that's why we are stagnant.

    The cheese driven standard of our concerts for example :(:-? ...Who are we trying to impress ?.... are our target audience honestly Grans and Grandpa's ????? .... the answer if we are honest. Grans and Grampa's fund the Brass Band Movement.

    sure... we 'champion' youth :rolleyes: (REMOVED - IH Mod.) .... but the music we have the youth play (and adult bands for that matter) target Grans and Grampa's .... and of course those who make up our bands... maybe some who read the Brass Band press :rolleyes:

    Sad that the majority of the regional audience appears at the end of the event when the results are announced... 'the bands themselves'+ Grans-Grampa's
    I LOVE contesting.... but sad isnt it ?

    Brass on the front cover of NME .... that's the target surely ????!!!!

    I really don't want to read anything that's targeted at a 'traditional' Brass Band mindset.... and no matter how they dress it up... that's all we get. and.... I don't blame the publishers for adopting this route. If they diddn't no-one at all would read the Brass Band Mags.

    Been in several bands... and usually you get one person subscribing to the newsletter they publish... which is then offered for anyone else in a band to read.
    I guess its seen as trying to keep the movement going somehow by subscribing ? ! ? ?

    anyway.... yes. Our choice not to read them I guess.

    Jon - Once again I find myself removing unfounded, unnecessary and anti-SBBA comments from one of your posts. We have already removed two threads started by you in a similar vein and you have already been told about this. Please get the message. Next time we may be forced into stronger action regarding your right to post here. This is a final warning.

    Ian (WoodenFlugel)
    tMP Moderator.
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    Interesting thread. Came back into banding after 8 years and was given a year subscription to a popular Brass Band magazine for Christmas. Very disappointed and will not be renewing. The internet has taken over for news, gossip, contesting etc. However, it is sometimes difficult to sort out malicious gossip from worthy comment. This site is good and appears to be moderated appropriately. However, it would be extremely interesting to get some decent journalism into Brass Banding with relevant and searching questions asked to extract information on interesting and controversial subjects to satisfy interested parties (As a Wrexham player there are some questions I would like to be asked on our behalf). We appear to have many comments about Associations, contests and adjudications, plenty of proposals, ideas and controversy, but people who have influence or power often remain very quiet when it suits them or organisations they represent. As a newby to this forum and somebody who has been away from banding for several years it is clear to me that some very serious discussions that shape the future of banding need to be reported on and all of us should have some input to the discussion and decision making. To return to the hub of this thread, Brass Band publications do not appear to invite controversial comment and are quite frankly toothless.
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    Well said :clap:
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    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but is banding not, for the vast majority, a hobby/ outlet for their musical creativity/enjoyable activity/ way of actively making music? Therefore, is the 'news' involved with this activity not going to be largely made up of reviews of concerts, contests, new music, discussions with banding personalites etc? Would people rather be reading of plots, blackmail, murders etc within the banding community? If you want serious news, try watching the BBC at 10 tonight. After watching that I'm sure that you'll find that reading the'banding press' provides welcome light relief and a little escapism.
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    I take great offense to the ageist rantings of its_______________________________jon.

    If he were my grandson and my lumbago wasn't playing up I would put him across my knee!

    If it were up to me the banding press would give more coverage to laxatives and incontinence products. And I for one am keen to read more about the wind-breaking of all conductors, not just of youth bands, but the top names as well.

    I have never heard of "NME". Brass on the cover of Brass Band World seems fine to me. A dominoes puzzle on page 3 would be nice though.

    Bob (74) (ish)
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    I am very hurt to know I have offended you Bob. :frown:

    I know I talked of Grans and Grampa's making up the majority of banding's core audience (excluding parents, kids and spouse)

    but... painful though it might be to illuminate this, its the truth.

    at a youthful 40 I remember back to the 80's when there were considerably more bands ... Back then there were 40 year olds complaining that the repertoire was not up to date, that associations were corrupt and that banding was in decline.
    25 year on... it has declined even further.

    We have to aim for a new Core Audience.... take a leaf out of the Acid Brass book.
    If we don't..... We really will be down to immediate family.

    sure the bigger bands can fill big venues. .... that will always be the case. Or will it ???????????
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    Yes of course... you are absolutely right.

    And its really worth the effort to attempt to make banding better. Why should the standard of journalism be excluded. ?
    Its sad to see the banding journals decline.... I remember when more than one newsagent used to stock brass band magazines !... If one of our young players saw the bandsman on a shelf in their local newsagent now I imagine it would be a nice shock for them.

    However... if there are any plots or ill doing in the banding that may be holding the movement back it would be in everyone’s best interests for such claims to be substantiated and brought to the fore without fear of legal action against the journalists.
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    Adding a Newsagents perspective; British Bandsman is supplied on a firm sale basis only ie If it doesn't sell you're stuck with it, so I doubt if many shops would carry it just in case, margins are small and one unsold title eats into the profits of other sales.... Most magazines/newspapers are provided on a sale or return basis.
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    Yes... I fully appreciate the newsagents position.

    Back in the early 80's I was one of the kids who bought 'the wrong' home computer.
    For me it was the right one... however. It was unpopular so I had to specially order in the only magazine that covered it.

    I got lots of enjoyment out of that computer and read the magazine from cover to cover... but. So many other computers and associated magazines were so much more interesting.... simply because they 'got it right'

    That we don't have banding magazines on the shelves IS a sign that banding is not as popular as it was. and... as I pointed out, do the journalists risk modernizing the content thus alienating the small circulation they have or be bold and cover new story's in a more vibrant way, take those risks and possibly yes... upset the odd applecart which in turn promotes debate.

    Of course to be that vibrant it would help them if they didn’t have to make up 'vibrancy' .... so, the movement could help so much by moving a bit.
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    Nope, that's fantasy.

    That's like saying Volvo Trucks on the cover of MCN, or Michael Vaughn on the cover of Four-Four-Two. It may be an achievement, but would be utterly lost on the main reader demographic.

    You don't broaden your audience by making a sharp left at all costs. Any instant and radical shift risks alienating the audience we already have - with no guarantee of bringing in an instant new audience to replace it. Plus a lot of what you are advocating would place bands right into the firing line of other ensembles - who are much better established in their genre and equipped to dominate it already than brass bads could ever be.

    So yes - push the movement on, be inventive with choice of repertoire, choice of style, choice of venue but take care with the context. We already have our USP, and we ignore it at our peril. Our audience will swallow the medicine better if we hide it in Jam and feed it a little at a time - rather than attempting to force the whole bottle down their throats at once.
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    The NME was a more extreme example... I was really making the parallel between the idea of a magazine that deals with music that is new as its main selling point...when compared to our movement which is less driven by its quality of repertoire than almost all musical organizations.

    If a brass band made a recording of a ORIGINAL composition that hit that crossover audience (bearing in mind we came close with Acid Brass) I see no reason why NME would not consider featuring a new fusion.

    In the wider music world CD sales have bombed ... The doors are actually wide open for new genres with a huge audience swimming around out there made up of all ages who are actively seeking out Live music and they are not biased by industry advertising... these audiences seem to be open to anything. They want to be astounded by what unusual instrumentation can do. They want to see out new fusions... that's what they want.

    I suggested (I think it was on another thread) that we don't have to drop our core audience and dare I say 'traditional' music in favour of something like this.
    Such a new 'fusion' could be advertised independently to activity aim to attract a new audience to a new venue with hopefully new music played in new ways by a new type of brass band.....
    The beauty of what we do has always been flexibility.... so with so much flexibility why are we stuck in a rut.

    Don't jump out of the rut forever if it pays the bill's ! ..... just leave it from time to time to attempt to claw in some of the larger audience out there rushing past our well like a fast flowing stream.

    Or maybe we can't do anything any better ?????

    If we can't...then I suppose we can't and im wrong for been so concerned.
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    I would be great to get more new contemporary Jazz on the stands.

    The nearest most brass bands get to jazz is something from a Broadway show or trad. A bit of Hebie Hancock for brass band may be nice ... although... thats my old man coming out in me... Jazz has moved on SO much since the 70's/80's
    I used to take the jazz breaks in a local big band... but had to leave them mainly as I was so board with the repertoire never changing and Jazz of all movements really has to move or it not Jazz any more... it becomes tourism. Just as I am revisiting this Herbie track.

    Im working on what im calling 'Dark Brass' or maybe it will be called 'industrial brass' for the Prog Brass section of the FMFK's site. so... personally im trying to put some content where my gripes lay.

    Jazz as we know it and Brass Bands really requires the conductors/MD's o evolve as well... to hand down stylistic instruction about Jazz quavers (among other styles) written in the music... As you CAN't write Jazz straight (its too complex)
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    To follow substance after my talk of making things happen...

    I have added an events page to the FMFK's site..Aiming for the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe International Arts Festival. It will only take a handful of enlightened people to make Prog Brass work. (or maybe a full band ?)

    Where it will succeed is that after the impact, the music and knowledge will be Freely available to bands throughout the UK and beyond to replicate from the FMFK's site.

    From the initial spark to the completed music, from the first rehearsal to the final performance this will be a collaborative experience and thereafter the music Freely available to any band in the UK.