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  1. awalker

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    SymphoniX, a planning and administration system, has been designed with the band in mind. Music Librarians, Instrument/Uniform Stewards, Musical Directors and Treasurers use the software to catalogue their bands/group's music collection, track inventory items (instruments, accessories, music folders and uniforms), track performances and music played, engagements, contests, finance, players and music/inventory loans.

    Less time finding and recording your information means more time for you to make music. SymphoniX lets you take care of administrative functions and music cataloguing needs efficiently, quickly and inexpensively. This software has been developed specifically for music directors, committees, performers and collectors.

    The program is designed to efficiently and securely store information about your band, all your music and easily access information with a few clicks.

    Created by musicians for musicians, SymphoniX is ready to run with only your personal customisation needed to make it an instrumental part of your repertoire for years to come and is built on the popular Microsoft Access platform.

    The adTech Public Network was designed to allow our clients access to their hosted database applications from any computer with internet access. adTech servers are shared between users, allowing us to provide a virtual SymphoniX database at a great value.

    SymphoniX prices start from £120 per year and can be paid in monthly, 6-monthly and yearly installments.

    !!! SPECIAL OFFER !!!

    Purchase SymphoniX and the WebLibrary add-on together, receive a recurring 25% off the cost of the WebLibrary add-on. Use the coupon code weblib1 during the order process.

    !!! ORDER !!!

    Click here to visit our website and order SymphoniX and for more information.
  2. ploughboy

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    so . . . . . . . it's a spreadsheet?
  3. James Yelland

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    To my non-technical eyes, it looks like a database.
  4. Thirteen Ball

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    It says it uses MS Access as a platform, so yeah, it's a relational database - with a GUI front-end.
  5. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    sorry techies . . I'm just a poor muso with no idea . . . I guess my point was. I can do all this for free by asking someone in my team to set a spreadsheet/database up, and avoid paying out of limited funds . . . . . .
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Without seeing the quality of the finished product, it's difficult to say one way or another. The main selling point seems to be it's acessibility from more than one location, using web-based servers - so several users can administer the system at once. My guess is this is what you pay the support charge for - the hosting and the upkeep of the overall system.

    A lot depends on how your own band operates. If you have several people all loaning out/buying music instruments and assets then yes it my be useful to you - and £120 a year is not much to make sure you don't lose the odd £1500 cornet here and there. However in my experience, most bands I've been in have a librarian and an asset manager, and lend stuff out very rarely to a select number of local bands, so there's little need to keep records in more than one place. That being the case, £120 a year could seem a bit steep.

    Having not seen/used the finished product, but being fairly familiar with access, developing a bespoke front end for a database is not a particularly difficult job - though can be pretty time consuming, and the screenshots suggest it's been done with good attention to presentation.

    I reckon most of what you're paying for will be the web-hosting, so it comes down to how much the multiple instances of user access/location is worth to you. The website says only two users can be in at any one time, but theoretical numbers of users overall are unlimited.

    Personally, I would be very wary of storing player details and instrument serial numbers on any web-based database, but that's just me. There's little mention of what security measures are in place, but a lack of that data is not necessarily indicative of poor security. Either way it's a point worth taking up with the supplier if you're considering purchasing it.

    In short, with the little information available, there seems to be little in it that you couldn't do yourself with a reasonable knowledge of Access - but then we can all make a chicken Biryani ourselves, and that doesn't stop us buying takeaways. I'm sure the supplier will be amenable to a trial period to see if it's right for you. (If it's web-based, they can surely provide that relatively simply) so that's the best way to find out.
  7. awalker

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    Thank you all for your comments. A couple of notes:

    I first designed the database solely for the use within my band as we were all holding our own records, therefore keeping track of items/or records updated was a very timely task. The database has been designed to work over the Internet via the Remote Desktop Protocol which comes, as standard, with Transport Layer Security and 128-bit encryption. As well as this there are a number of security policies in place on the servers along with procedural policies. As you can probably understand for security reasons, I don't like going into too much details about the security and encryption methods used, but by using the RDP protocol all data is encrypted between the client computer and the server using the same methods as when you use your credit/debit card online.

    A lot of time and effort has gone into designing and improving the database, and you will see from the website that I am constantly improving the system and some of the cost will cover this.

    Currently, the server only allows two concurrent connections per organisation, but a new product which I am trialing will allow a maximum of 600 concurrent connections server-wide. However, there is a price to this!! :)


    If anybody would like a free trial, then this can be requested via the website here.

    Also, if you feel you would like to use the system, but feel £120 is too much, then I am more than happy to negotiate a price on an individual basis. I play and am on a committee for a brass band and totally understand the financial implications we are all under at the moment.

    If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to post here or email via the website at
  8. Thirteen Ball

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    There you go Garry. That answers most of your questions!
  9. worzel

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    I.e. runs like a dog. If it were me, I'd eitehr develop a web interface, or distribute the application so the customer can run it locally. Using a GUI interface on a remote server is always painfully slow. But then, at £120 p.a. per customer, I can't see that development ever paying for itself.
  10. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Certainly does Andi! Thanks folks. I'm glad to see there's a good sense of banding's financial side too from awalker, and it's not just a money making scheme from an amateur movement!

    Good luck finding bands that can use this resource to improve the running of their team.
  11. awalker

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    SymphoniX Annual Price Halved !!!

    We have reduced our annual price from £120 per year to £60 per year !!!

    Here at adTech Consultancy, we have been listening to feedback received from both our current and potential customers and our mostly discussed topic is around the pricing of our products.

    Each customer is unique and their use of SymphoniX is dependent on their needs and organisational policies, so we have taken a step to change our pricing structure and application to reflect this.

    Core Modules & Additional Features

    From Tuesday 13th September 2011, SymphoniX will be sold with a core set of modules, with additional features available for purchase seperately.

    The core modules will consist of:
    • Music Library & Performance recording
    • Engagments & Mail Merge Letters
    • Players/Members
    • Inventory
    • Music & Inventory Loans
    • Finance Recording
    • Player/Member Subs Recording/Tracking
    • Finance Budgeting
    • User Management & Access Permissions
    • Data Protection Management
    • Wide range of reports
    • Custom reporting
    • Exporting
    Additional features available for purchase:
    • WebLibrary module
    • Player/Member SMS texting feature

    Included support time will no longer be included with SymphoniX purchases. This will be billed seperately. We do, however, provide simple, email/ticket based support free of charge via the Customer Support Portal.

    New Versions

    Minor upgrades and bux/issue fixes will be updated free of charge. As a result of this change, a new version will be released (version 1.8) on Tuesday 13th September 2011.

    To view our new pricing structure, please visit our order page at

    Demonstration System

    If you would like access to our demonstration system so you can have a play around, this can be requested here free of charge.
  12. mr_nismo

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    The adtechconsultancy website doesn't appear to be live?

    Is this software still available to peruse?

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