Brass Band on the streets of London

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ratpit, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. ratpit

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  2. Beesa

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    "do what you wanna.....smoke marijuana!" doesn't sound a good idea to me judging from that.

    Entertaining but seems to be kinda some outlandish chemical induced parody of Tartan Brass at the Whit Friday marches.
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  3. Rapier

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    What do I think? Gives Brass Bands a bad name. That's what I think.
  4. ratpit

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    Hi Rapier. Sorry to hear it wasn't your cup of tea! We are a New Orleans style brass band, the music and instrumentation is a bit looser in this genre. In terms of giving brass bands a bad name I don't think we can compete with the press coverage that you've had recently!
  5. Laserbeam bass

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    Unless I am much mistaken, I believe Rapier was referring to the musical content, rather than the aesthetic make up of your ensemble.

    Interesting theory, but given that the words "brass" and "band" from part of the group name, and you are openly, if not intentionally, glorifying the use of drugs, then I would agree that this is just as "bad" as the recent "bad" press.
  6. Ianroberts

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    Oh Im sure sonorous will have a thing or 2 to say ! lol
  7. boourns

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    Well I liked it - talented musicians clearly enjoying themselves and entertaining the general public. There's not much chance they could be confused with what is traditionally considered to be a 'brass band', and I think some of us need to climb down from our rather high horses.
  8. The Godfather

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    Brass bands on the street

    Love it Ian. Here commenceth the second lesson. I can't wait!
    I would add, that I saw, and heard an absolutely top class SA band on the march on Sunday, however, they were playing COLONEL BOGEY ! Not sure that's in the SA repertoire ? However, they were very smart, and very ballanced. Those sort of brass bands on the street are no problem for me.
    Ciao, Corleone.
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  9. The Godfather

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    Believe me boourns, the 'high horse' brigade have not even started on this thread yet. We will be treated to some serious, in-depth analysis into what constitutes wholesome consumption for brass-banders and the public at large. After all, this is a serious discussion forum! - Is'nt it ?
  10. Laserbeam bass

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    I agree that they are a group of talented musicians, that was never in question.
  11. James Yelland

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    Disgraceful. You'd never catch proper brass bandsmen using drugs (apart from all those performance-enhancing beta blockers at contests, of course).
  12. Rapier

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    Talented musicians they may be, but promoting the use of illegal substances? Idiotic.
  13. ratpit

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    If you watch the clip again you will notice that NYBB sing the words of the song 'Do whatcha wanna' ! Its the guy who was filming us who added his own interpretation on the lyrics!
  14. DobX Dave

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    Well I did watch the You Tube clip as invited to and as per the words of the 'song' ~ "do what you wanna" ~ I did just that and switched off!

    As for talented brass players ~ personally I don't think so.

    Pity they have to use the brass band words in their name ~ it certainly does the movement no favours.
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  15. davethehorny

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    I couldn't have said it better myself :clap:

    I managed about 20 seconds before realising that life was too short to bother continuing. Obviously I didn't listen long enough to care about the lyrics!

    Best kept the other side of the Atlantic!

    I think that Catherine Tate's old lady would have summed it up best!
  16. steve butler

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    Ratpit, watched you at Kippax band club last year (I think) and enjoyed your show. I do however think you've done yourselves no favours in putting that particular clip on tmp. I'm sure seen live I would have found it entertaining, but with very amateur filming and poor quality sound, I believe it becomes a disappointing advert for your band.
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  17. Bob Sherunkle

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    Dear Mr Pit

    Despite other opinions to the contrary, Joannie "Nan" Taylor (off of the Kate Wotsername Show) and I both loved your youtubing. We both know Brick Lane well and after watching your clip we had to nip down costcutter for a curry pot noodle.

    Just in case any moderators are watching, I must emphasise that, like Bill Clinton we did not inhale.

    There are some miserable old "people" on here aren't there?

    Keep up the good work

    Street Bob innit
  18. DRW

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    I've not had the pleasure of seeing NYBB live, but agree that this clip isn't a good advert; not enjoyable to listen to at all. Far better recordings on your website.
    I'm not sure whether the invite to offer "what we thought" was rhetorical or not, but if you want some constructive feedback, I think the arrangements need more variety; the samples seem to suggest a bass line with a harmonised melody and minimal interplay between instruments. I expect this formula will be popular with the masses (especially with band's apparent personality) but music appreciators may tire quickly.
  19. ratpit

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    Hey guys, thanks for the comments. When I posted this I knew I'd get a mixed reaction and I'm happy to spread the word and hear your comments. Maybe the moderators could set up a subsection on this site for those of us who dig New Orleans Brass Bands! The traditionalists will recognise my screen name from the band I played for!

    Only click on this link if you want to hear one of Nola's finest brass bands!
  20. iancwilx

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    Trying not to be a pedant but slightly concerned, but I hope the NYBB on the "T" shirts won't be misinterpreted by the public as "National Youth Brass Band" ~ The drug input could damage the reputation of a lot of fine youngsters.

    ~ Mr Wilx