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    Only caught a bit of this before I set off for work, but there was an item on the BBC breakfast programme regarding brass bands.

    A Yorkshire MP is campaigning for more funding from the Arts council. Not sure if I heard this correctly but I thought it said that for every £1 given to brass bands, £1100 was given to operas.

    Did anyone catch the full item?
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    This MP seems to be running a very good campaign to push for more money for brass bands, so far he's managed to get Dodworth Band on the Politics Show on a Sunday, Dronfield band appeared on Look North on a Tuesday, there have been a number of well written press articles in everything (including the Daily Mail).

    I'm not sure that the comparison between the money bands get and the amount that the Arts Council award to opera companies is a fair comparision and not particularly relevant to the financing of brass bands.
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    I saw this, Barnsley Met (I think were playing) It was about a five minute piece which had some recorded footage (possibly their bandroom) and some live piece from what looked like a sports hall. It was quite a good long piece but as usual harked back to mills and colliery bands of the past (not that we should ignore our heritage). I would have liked to seen more emphasis on how it is teaching young players music and how people of different ages can mix together, but that is only my opinion. I don't think the acoustics and the recording set-up in the sports hall did them any favours though. A statement from the arts council did say that bands have been well funded from the lottery in the past and that opera could not be compared to brass bands due to the cost of staging productions. There was also a reply to the program from someone who plays in a scottish pipe band and they don't get any funding. They do have my sympathy because the cost of their uniforms is horrendous and they quite often have to play out in the rain. Sorry this is a bit of a hasty response from work.
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    Not seen it yet but (lucky for me :rolleyes: ) we have it on record for when i get i get home. My boyfriend was doing something with the Met band was it good?
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    Just seen this on the 1'oclock news. Im sure it will be repeated in the bbc 6 o'click news also later today if anyone missed it.

    Apprently its all about some arts council thing happening on friday regarding funding for smaller groups such as brass bands.

    The band inq uestion were playing this years 4th section test piece "four cities symphony"

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    The secretary of Newport Borough was on 5 Live this morning (just before 7) talking about the same issue.

    Well done to all those involved, go get 'em.

    I believe there's a deadline of this Friday for the Arts Council to take public submissions/feedback about arts funding for the next few years. I don't actually have any issue with the funding of Opera as such, I do have some complaint about the amount doled out to Covent Garden though!
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    ITV are covering the story on news at 10 tonight.

    It was good to see some decent coverage this morning, but I was really disappointed by the emphasis on mills & mines and 'oop North' - even by one of the younger members of the band :rolleyes:
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    Where's our £1 then?
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    Nice to see the issue raised, and debated, on Radio Cornwall this lunchtime, but as one contributor put it, it is not so much about the funding of brass bands, but the lack of new players.

    He cited the problem of teaching youngsters to play, and then they move to "better" bands. Someone else alluded to the problem of competant players moving away when off to Uni (none in Cornwall), or gainful employment in industry (only jobs in tourism left here now).

    As one person said "You can have all the funding in the world, but without new players the bands will die".

    But well done to the brass band "top brass" for getting the subject onto the national media. What a pity that the 2012 Olympics will swallow every last penny available for brass bands (and most other local good causes!)....

    And well done to the all bands that had the media spotlight on them today.

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    Totally agree with alanl58. I think most bands are reasonably self sufficient for what they want to do. So, to throw money at bands might get shiney new instruments but that's about all; no future.

    Any new money should be ring-fenced within schools to teach littln' uns the joy of brass band music. I was taught (very briefly!) for free at school with a Tuba provided, may be wrong, but I don't think that happens nowadays. Budgets & all that. I soon joined a local outfit.
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    The local primary school I went to had its own brass band. After investigating schools for my young daughter, I was dismayed to see that they don't even provide proper music lessons. There was no music teacher, and the facilities and equipment were very poor. Fortunately there is no shortage of music making in our house, and I'm hoping she'll pick up a brass instrument at some point.
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    While I'm pleased that bands have received some much-needed publicity, I was a little disappointed that they completely missed out the tutoring kids get in bands. Surely if we're to be taken seriously we should be pushing this - as schools are currently (seemingly) not able or willing to provide musical education in the same way.

    For me that is a cause much more worthy of the Arts Council's attention than our overused and not that powerful "heritage" card.
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    Good news item, but of all the great pieces that bands play why did they choose 'The Lord's my Shepherd' and the last post?! The last Post?!!?! Is that really appropriate?


    I know a few bands who have spent thousands from the lottery grant on new instruments, trouble is they don t have players of the right quality to do the instruments justice, money is better used on musical tuition.A new set of instruments won t make a band sound better if the players don t know how to play better.
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    In a way I'm glad the Arts Council don't put much funding into brass bands. We as a movement waste would the money. What are you going to spend the cash on. I know, shiney new instruments, because thats going to make all the difference. The National Lottery has put tonnes of money into the movement and recieved little reward and has made no difference. I dread to think how many thousands of pounds of instruments are sitting in bandroom cupboards not bring used.

    You can't complain to Joe Public about lack of funds when you do nothing in return. If they are that short of money, may I suggest less contesting. I for one do not want the Arts Council spend there cash on funding bands to go contesting and just buy a set of shiney instruments. If you put something back to the local community, i.e teach the youth of today then maybe bands will reap the financial rewards. I await the abuse, bring it on!!
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    I think my flabber has just been gasted!

    Whilst some bands might 'waste the money' please do not tar the whole brass band movement with the same brush. I know for a fact that most of my local bands are currently investing more money in training and academy bands than they are in uniforms and 'shiny instruments'.

    The results of this investment was available for all to see at the Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Contest last week in Cross Keys, South Wales. There were literally hundreds of youngsters making wonderful music.

    In the last 3 years my own band has purchased over 25 new and secondhand instruments (20x cornets, 3x tenor horns, 2x baritones, 2x euphoniums) purely for teaching new players whilst purchasing one new instrument for the contesting band. Why? because we are investing for our future. How much did the Arts Council give us when we applied for a grant? £0.00

    Meanwhile opera gets 1100 times more in Arts Council Grants than the brass band movement.

    Just how many members of opera companies are giving up their free time to teach young people to play and perform music and generally keep them off the streets? I know of none in my area.

    Abuse Sir - not from me - just the truth from the real, hard up, no money grass roots of the brass band movement. Money or no money, it's a hobby and one I am proud to take part in.
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    See press release following our meeting with the Minister. The Minister is fully supportive and realises the important contribution bands make to social & community cohesion and education.

    Barnsley East and Mexborough MP hailed the recent meeting with Culture Minister Margaret Hodge as having some very positive outcomes. Mr. Ennis has been highlighting in Parliament recently the under-funding that brass bands apparently receive in comparison with Opera and Ballet from the Arts Council for England.
    Jeff said," The whole delegation was impressed by the Minister's concern with regards to the future of brass bands in the country. She came forward with many helpful suggestions as to how brass bands could improve their prospects of receiving more external funding help."
    "As a consequence of her suggestions I shall be contacting the new chair of the Arts Council when he takes up his post and I also intend meeting with the Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward. I also believe that the BBC could play a greater role in promoting the profile of brass bands via its programs on TV and radio and I shall write to the Director of the BBC with that in mind."
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    I know where you are coming from davethethorny, I never said or meant every band in the country is abusing the system, but there is plenty of money in other forms for brass bands if committees bothered to look instead of focusing all there efforts to one fund. Maybe, I'm only assumming the oprea and orchestras have a bigger following, therefore more money and maybe the public don't have a greater interest in brass bands?? I don't have the answer to that.
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    To say the national lottery "has recieved little reward" is a silly comment. They do not give out money to recieve "a reward" for doing so! They give out money to support organisations who need it! Maybe high level banding with sponsorship dont need so much cash, but grass roots bands certainly do. All the national lottery funded instruments in our band are used fully and we would certainly not be able to afford quality instrumnets otherwise. There are lots of youngsters learning in the band and as for the free concerts the band does well.... and even the smalll fees you get from a bandstand job does'nt cover the costs of travel to and from the venue for members let alone put money aside for "an instrument fund".