Brass Band of Ecuador robbed--please help

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    Many thanks to Bob Stevenson, who pointed me here.

    I'll attach the official notice below (in Spanish) but the jist of the story is that the Brass Band of Ecuador has just had a number of their instruments stolen. They are a group of young people, who worked very hard to get these isntruments in the first place.

    The robbery occurred in Quito, Ecuador.

    This notice serves as an alert--these horns will likely turn up on Ebay (or pawn shops).

    Also--if you are in a position to donate, please do what you can to help. A used cornet or trumpet will mean the world to these kids.

    Here's what was stolen (the headings got a little mis-aligned but serial numbers and make and model are there):


    No Instrumento Marca Serie Avalúo
    1 Coneta Bb Besson England Internacional 38790 2.300
    2 Trompeta Bb Yamaha FBTR 4456E 2.200
    3 Corneta Bb Besson Sovereing 928750622 1.900
    4 Corneta Bb Olds 378495 2.500
    5 Corneta Bb Imperial F 789588 2.300
    6 Corneta Bb Imperial Boosler & Hawkes MGA5 5480483 1.900
    7 Corneta Bb Getzen Eterna LB EC6596 1.800
    8 Corneta Bb Besson LP Class A 394054 1.200
    9 Corneta Bb Antoine Courtis 3467 1.500
    10 Coneta Bb Besson LP Class A 396417 1.500

    1 Trombón HOLTON COLLEGIATE PR 602 844529 2060

    Here is the text of the press release, including contact info:

    20 –julio- 2006

    Fundación Brass Band del Ecuador, con mucho dolor pone en su conocimiento que hemos sido fruto de un robo que asciende a más de 20.000 dólares y que ensombrece y frustra sueños de niños, niñas y jóvenes de nuestro proyecto musical y humano.

    Renunciamos con toda nuestra fuerza y denunciamos el acto tan bajo que implica el quitar a un niño, a un adolescente un medio de superación, un medio de expresión que para ellos es su instrumento musical.

    Es sumamente duro el conseguir cada centavo para la formación musical y futuro de nuestros niños y de por sí en estos momentos el proyecto se debilita y desestabiliza por esta gran pérdida.

    Son 11 los instrumentos robados y un computador que hacía de servidor para nuestra labor administrativa, mismos que fueron robados de la Sede de la Fundación, en horas de la madrugada por antisociales que forzaron y rompieron las seguridades de nuestra entidad y se llevaron cuanto estuvo en camino.

    Cada instrumento fue conseguido luego de un largo período de petición, seguimiento y negociación, todos ellos vinieron desde Suiza, Alemania y Estados Unidos con mucho esfuerzo y gracias al apoyo de varias personas naturales y jurídicas y embajadas que nos han apoyado en estos 6 años de labor.

    Razón por la que solicitamos que si alguien de Uds. conoce algo de este instrumental nos den a conocer lo antes posible porque estamos casi seguros que quienes robaron tendrán la intención de vender los instrumentos en un medio musical.

    Solicitamos así mismo de la manera más encarecida que nos apoyen para conseguir nuevamente un instrumental y poder seguir adelante con este proyecto que tantas satisfacciones ha brindado a nuestra sociedad.

    Una de las maneras de apoyar es contratando los servicios de nuestros ensambles de música de cámara o de la banda de bronces de nuestra entidad que no se dejará vencer por este delito del que fuimos sujetos y muy por el contrario y con su ayuda podrá avanzar con más fuerza.

    Otra forma de apoyar es adquiriendo los cds, videos y calendario 2007 de Brass Band del Ecuador, pues su apoyo será muy valioso en estos momentos de crisis.

    Seguros de contar con su contingente material y humano.

    Dra. Patricia Anaguano M.
    Directora General
    Fundación Brass Band del Ecuador.

    Thanks. Post here (or PM me) if you can help or provide information.
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    How sad for the band!

    Lesson for other bands - having a good list of your instruments, with model and serial numbers, is essential.

    Good luck to them in recovering and/or replacing their lost equipment.
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    Thanks Robert. Please help spread the word.

    It appears that we are in the same town!
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    At a minimum, I can post this on The Brass Crest.

    You might also want to send it out on Nigel Horne's brass band mailing list -

    There's considerable overlap in the mailing list membership and tMP membership, but it can't hurt.
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    That is a quite dreadful thing to happen to be honest you wouldn't be surprised in the least that some of them ended up on ebay!!!!!
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    I hate to be skeptical...but are we sure this is authentic. Except for the fact that there actually is a Brass Band of Ecuador it has all the same makings as some of the other dodgy e-mails I get all the time.

    If it is true, it is very sad. Regardless I will still keep an eye open on e-bay.
  7. Here is the translated text, courtesy of (it is Spanish, by the way) -


    Foundation Brass Band of Ecuador, by far pain puts in its knowledge that we have been fruit of a robbery that ascends to more than 20,000 dollars and that darken and frustrate dreams of children, children and young people of our musical and human project. We resigned with all our force and we denounced the act so under that it implies clearing to a boy, to an adolescent overcoming means, expression means that stop they is its musical instrument. Each cent for the musical and future formation of our children is extremely hard obtaining and of in case at the moment the project is debilitated and destabilized by this great loss. They are the 11 robbed instruments and a computer that of ago administrative servant for our work, same which they were robbed of the Seat of the Foundation, in hours of the dawn by antisocial which they forced and they broke the securities of our organization and took whatever was on way. Each instrument were obtained after a long period of request, pursuit and negotiation, all of them came from Switzerland, Germany and the United States by far effort and thanks to the support of several natural and legal people and embassies that have supported to us in these 6 years of work. Reason by that we solicitd that if somebody of You knows something of this instruments presents to us as rapidly as possible because we are almost safe that who robbed they will have the intention to sell the instruments in an average musical comedy. We also solicitd of the increased in price way more than they support to be able us to instruments and power again to follow ahead with this project that so many satisfactions has offered our society. One of the ways to support is contracting the services of our joints of camera music or of the bronze band of our organization that will not be let win by this crime of which we were subject and very on the contrary and with his aid it will be able to advance with more force. Another form to support is acquiring cds, videos and calendar 2007 of Brass Band of Ecuador, because its support will be very valuable at the moment of crisis. Insurances to count on its material and human contingent.

    Dra. Patricia Anaguano M.
    Chief of a main directorate
    Foundation Brass Band of Ecuador.
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    I'd be surprised if people weren't skeptical...but this is for real. My ex-wife works for a Washington, DC-based non-profit called Partners of the Americas. The Brass Band of Ecuador is an institutional member of Partners...she recently went to Quito and met with them, and subsequently hosted a performance by them at Partners' annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.

    it's very sad because they are not wealthy people by any means and their instruments were hard to come by (grants, donations, etc., from Switzerland, Germany, and the US).

    Claudia asked me to put the word out because she knows I'm hooked into a brass network.

    She can be reached at The Partners' website is:

    please feel free to verify the legitimacy of this info...and plaese donate an old cornet or trumpet if you can! (I am going to hook them up with an old Ambassador cornet myself).

    Again, many thanks.
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    Thanks very much for the clarification!!