Brass Band Of Central Florida - In Peterborough

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  1. Jules Cornet

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    Peterborough Citadel Songsters are now delighted to announce the following event, welcoming one of the world's finest brass bands to Peterborough.

    Don't just take my word for it........

    "...wonderful show that would have done any of the world's top bands proud...this was band playing of the highest order...this was without doubt top notch stuff...From an adjudicator's point of view, this performance was one we are always thankful for. The playing and organization of the programme was so far ahead of the others it took away any doubt at all as to the outcome. Even other competitors were in awe of Michael Garasi and the Brass Band of Central Florida."

    -Alan Morrison, Brass Band World Magazine, UK

    [Director Michael J Garasi]



    [Leader Julian Bright]

    Friday 17th November 2006 - 8pm - Tickets £6


    Tickets available from Eddie Fisk,

    The Salvation Army, 1203 Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough, PE1 2AU

    01733 761924 or

    Cheques made payable to 'The Salvation Army'
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    Having heard the band at Birmingham last year - particularly on the Sunday where they were able to "do their own thing" - I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to hear them during their brief visit. I'm hoping to get along to the Rink on the Tuesday evening, and anyone going along will be assured of seeing and hearing some great music, with innovative presentation to boot.
  3. Jules Cornet

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    Brass Band of Central Florida have this weekend just been crowned as US OPEN CHAMPIONS!!! Don't miss this oppoprtunity to come and hear this great band in concert. Get your tickets quick!
  4. Jules Cornet

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    My 'spies' tell me Brass Band of Central Florida were absolutely amazing last night in their concert at London's Regent Hall.

    Come and hear them for yourself in Peterborough on Friday night at 8pm.

    See You there!
  5. PeterBale

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    It was an excellent evening, particularly considering they had only flown in earlier in the day. Just a pity the size of the audience was so disappointing - I'm sure you'll do better on Friday ;)