Sold/Expired Brass Band Music, hundreds of sets for sale!

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    Adliswil - Switzerland
    Due to reorganisation of inventory, Ruh Music Ltd, Switzerland, promotes a limited time several hundreds of original brass band editions. Please visit our web page

    for more information.

    (Prices in CHF: 1 CHF = 0.672762 EUR [08 apr 03])

    Original Brass Band Sets of music, composed by

    Eric Ball, Eric Banks, Darrol Barry, Roger Barsotti, Roland Binge, Arthur Bliss, Stanley Boddington, Derek Bourgeois, Derek Broadbend, Arthur Butterworth, Philip B. Catelinet, Frederic Charrosin, Martin Dalby, Mike Davis, Edward Elgar, Ron Gardner, Henry Geehl, Goff Richards, John Golland, Ron Goodwin, Peter Green, J.A. Greenwood, Edward Gregson, John Hall, Roland Hanmer, G. Hawkins, Reginald Heath, Wilfried Heaton, Henry Geehl, Joseph Horovitz, Elgar Howarth, Jack Strachey, Gordon Jacob, Stuart Johnson, Brian Kelly, Philip Lane, Gordon Langford, Lear Hogarth, Lukas Leighton, W.H. Myddleton, Roy Newsome, J. Ord Hume, Helen Perkins, Philip Scott, Philip Sparke, Kenneth Platts, T.C. Powell, William Relton, Goff Richards, Drake Rimmer, William Rimmer, Round, Frank Seymour, Edrich Siebert, Antohny Spurgin, Denzil S. Stephens, Allan Street, E. Sutton, Gilbert Vinter, Fritz Voegelin, Bram Wiggins, Gareth Wood, Sam B. Wood, Ray Woodfield, Stanley Woods, Denis Wright, Frank Wright, Kenneth Wright, Peter Yorke

    Do not miss this unique occasion to complete your personal brass band music archive!
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