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  1. mr r

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    Can someone tell me what the role of brass band manager entails and what's expected of them, also what tasks do you end up doing?
  2. Kinrao

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    It really depends how you set up the band.

    Assuming your secretary will handle all correspondence, player registration and event (concert/contest) administration the band manager will be responsible for most other things excluding finance.

    In the main this will be player placement (who plays where), player communication (letting everyone know rehearsal and event details), recruitment and fixing (getting deps for events).

    It's a job that can be spread over a number of different people as long as everyone is clear what's expected.

    Hope this helps.
  3. delboy822

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    Yep, I seem to do most of that ;) It's ultimately our conductors decision on player placement though... Most of my job is endlessly bugging players to be at rehearsals and make sure they know via phone/text/email/websites/skywriting etc ;) details of gigs/contests etc...

    That being said, it can sometimes be a big job and there should be no reason why the Band Manager can't delegate some tasks to other people...
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    All of the above that Delboy822 says and more!!!!
  5. DublinBass

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    I was recently asked to write a job description for band manager, so I am quite happy you started this thread!!

    I would concur that player seating is more an MD thing.

    Lots of good stuff already listed. I would also add that a band manager has to oversee equipment and marketing/publicity (although there would hopefully be volunteers that this can be delegated to).
  6. delboy822

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    Managing the players is enough for me lol... We have an equipment manager and a vacant publicity/marketing spot... ;) But I definitely find that most things seem to come to me first... It can be quite difficult to delegate things sometimes though... You definitely need a good committee structure with definitions of each role... And people on your committee who are willing to do things... otherwise you may find you're doing everything...
  7. towse1972

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    So what would be a suggested committee structure? This could be a very interesting and useful thread.
  8. tkhbss

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    I would suggest one person for each of the following roles:

    Concert agreements
    Player registrations
    Marketing and publicity (website maintenance, posters, newspaper contacts)
    Musical Director (never leave this person off the committee)
    Marketing (if your band has merchandise and/or CDs)

    My advice - don't have people on the committee who do not have a specific role to play - all they would do is make more work for those who are already busy.
  9. towse1972

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    No manager/bandmaster on that list. Also, I wonder just how many bands have a marketing manager. Is this quite an ordinary position in the typical band?
  10. MoominDave

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    I think it's a bit silly to suggest barring people from committee duties when they have valuable input to make but not the time or willingness to undertake a specifically labelled role...
  11. Why would you put a paid employee on the Committee? ie Musical director?
  12. towse1972

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    I'm not a big fan of conductors on committees either. One band i played in had a committe that consisted of the conductor, the secretary and the President. Needless to say, the cconductor pulled all of the strings.
    They should bring any concerns to the attention of the band manager for discussion but not attend the meetings.
    Re people attending committee meetings...I think a lot of bands have trouble getting enough people to join the committee these days. I know i have always shyed away from it in the past.
  13. catto09

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    This should be something that should be written in the band's constitution. The Constitution is basically the bible for your committee, a big document with a set of rules and guidelines which would have been written at some point in the dim and distant past. This can be updated at AGM's or EGM's

    Every band member should be able to access the band constitution. I know of one band in particular who did at one point have their constitution available on their website for joe public to view - Not a move I would recommend
  14. tkhbss

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    Because this is how to get long term commitment from the conductor, and not treat him/her as some sort of employee. Most conductors do not get substantial amounts of money - usually just enough to cover expenses. and yet get treated as if they are not a part of the band - when in fact they are a key component. Use the resource you are "paying" for!
  15. Al

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    I think you'll find many conductors would prefer not to go on the committee and even insist their role is nothing to do with the running of the band.

    Others of course insist on making every single decision possible and running the band as an autocracy.

    Back on topic. I suppose band manager will take over some of the duties of the Band Sergeant. (a role which I think these days is an anachronism).

    Why? I can't see a problem with making public a constitution.
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  16. DublinBass

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    I have seen many committee structures, but my favourite is as follows

    Band Manager (oversees meetings, takes care of player registration)
    Treasurer (oversees monies)
    Operations (oversees instruments, music, uniforms)
    Marketing/PR (oversees, advertising, newsletters, website, social media, etc...)
    MD (ex-oficio...a non voting member, selects music/ final say on personel)

    Now hopefully each of these people has others in the band willing to help them (e.g. somebody in the band may do the website, but the Marketing/PR would oversee that).

    Also, everybody helps get gigs, but the band manager and treasurer finalise details.
  17. FlugelD

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    Yay! - I'm an anachronism! :clap:

    Katie, can you say "By the left...." ;)
  18. DMBabe

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    Deek I've been saying that for years! ;)
  19. delboy822

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    Lol Derek, I think the fact that I have to skip while marching because the left foot always finds itself in the wrong place makes me unsuitable for that task... ;)

    Back on topic: If you do have a Band Manager... be nice to them :)
  20. FlugelD

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    Since I apparently derailed the topic, I'll try to get it back on track....

    The band manager's job, like other band jobs & positions, will (IMHO!) depend on how a particular band/band committee apportion duties. For example, deciding who sits in what seat may be up to the contest MD, the regular MD, the bandmaster, or the band manager
    depending on the band's constitution/habits/history - or even the requirements of the next contest/concert. The 'management' side may be more important than the 'band' or 'playing' side, once again depending..... - and you may want the 'band manager' to be a current player, to appreciate and understand how current players see things, or an HR type non-player for the man-management skills they may have, or a combination of both (perhaps an ex- or retired player with professional management skills?).

    The important part - IMHO again! - is that
    all the various duties are recognised and shared sensibly throughout the committee and/or band so that nobody is having a free ride, or feeling overworked, and everything is being done in a sensible and effective manner, and everyone is happy with the way things are done. [OK, almost everyone ;)]

    (We're not quite there yet. But we're a lot closer than we were when I
    joined mumblemumble years ago, and closer than any other band I've played with in the past mumblemumblemumble years.... )

    I'd suggest band/committee positions something like:

    Chairman - Band figurehead, referee at committee meetings

    Secretary - Meeting minutes, mail in and out
    Treasurer - MONEY!!!
    Band manager - bums on seats for contests/gigs (either members or guests)
    Band sergeant - boss/disciplinarian on outdoor gigs
    MD - indoor gigs (may or may not be on band committee)
    Publicity/PR - Get the attention of the public
    Fundraising - MORE MONEY!!!
    Equipment manager - losing jackets/uniforms and instruments is surprisingly easy...
    Librarian - obvious, I hope

    And I've probably missed something, and you may feel there's an overlap - but there's no hard and fast rule. Work it out, get (general) agreement, then do it... ;)