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    Can you help? I am reviewing our band insurance and I just wondered whether there is anyone with experience in this field that would be willing to share their information with me. We, SWT Woodfalls Band, are currently with BBIS for everything including our building.

    We pay £6 per £1,000 for 1) instruments @ £50,000, 2) accessories including music and uniforms @ £20,000 and 3) trophies @ £2,000 ……TOTAL = £432.00

    Further, for the building we pay £3 per £1,000 with cover for £150,000 = £450.

    There is an insurance tax of 5% = £44.10

    Finally, a 2million public liability = £52.50

    TOTAL = £978.60

    Questions. 1) Is it law to have public liability insurance when performing in public? 2) Can you suggest a better for less policy for band equipment than above? 3) Can you suggest a better for less policy for building insurance.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Brian Easterbrook
  2. Charmed

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    SNAP :biggrin:

    I have just been browsing the internet trying to find a company other than BBIS as our renewal is due urgently!

    If anyone out there knows of another company that provides the cover we need, please let me know asap.

    Cheers :tup
  3. tubafran

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    Try - we use them and our premium this year was £825 doesn't include any building insurance but it is for instruments valued in excess of £100,000 plus music £20,000 and Public cover - I would think their rate per £ is less than you are currently paying although I'll need to check that tonight at home.

    We have two rates on our instrument - instruments purchased in the last 10 years are on a replacement with new basis and our older instruments on a like for like.
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    I'm not sure if PLI is a legal requirement - but it sure is a fantastically good idea. It's likely that certain venues request it, regardless of the legal status and the level of cover required is dependent on the venue / owners (it's certainly that way for me).
  5. tubafran

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    Agreed - when booking our local village hall the council insist that we give them details of our PLI cover - if not provided then there is a greater booking fee.
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    We use National Brass Band Insurance, underwritten by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

    The quote for instruments and PLI seems about the same as ours (we do not have a band room so I cannot make a comparison).

    Arguably the Public Liability Insurance is probably more important than anything else. If someone shall we say, falls over an untidly stored instrument case at a gig and is incapacitated for life, you, and the Band Officers could be liable and could end up losing everything you own, including your home.

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    It is so tricky to get the right cover, I once thought I had my Euponium covered for all eventuallities, but later found out when i made a claim that it was only covered for accidental cover inside my house. pointless really.

    Make sure that you choose a insurance that covers everywher that you take your instrument. Private Musicaian Insurance obtained from a private comapany can some times be best.
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    Thdere are no links on that page to any specialist musical insurers - did you put the right link there?


    On the point of Public Liability cover, most local authorities now insist on large levels of cover being in place so in short, if you want to play for them, you'll need it. It does actually make good sense anyway.
    If your band formally employs anyone, you'll also need employers liability cover. (Won't affect most bands but you never know!)

    Many years ago I set up the Brass Band Insurance scheme run by Abbey Associates - £6 per £1,000 new for old was a common rate then and if you are getting that now then it sounds reasonable. The Abbey scheme used to include PL for free - that was 20 yrs ago so you would need to check on that point.

    Building insurance - use a broker for that - there's no reason for that kind of cover to be done by a specialist music insurer. You might want to get them to quote for the PL as well.

    The real differentiator in all of this is probably going to be claims experience - are you covered for what you think you are - and you can only know this if you read the documentation - it's no good complaining afterwards!! "Caveat Emptor" (buyer beware) as they used to say a lot in the insurance business!

    A number of the firms on the IBEW list are in fact brokers and should be well placed to give you accurate advice.
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    When I looked at trying to get a more competitive quote for our bandroom through a broker, they came back with Norwich Union seem to have a monopoly as the building isn't continually occupied other insurers wouldnot quote. This was a few years back, don't no if things have changed now,may be someone out there can confirm.
  11. The Bass Boy

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    Our local council asks for £10m PL insurance
  12. on_castors

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    Then expects to get a band of 27 players + gear worth best part of £100,000 to play for 2 hours, including travel costs for 200 quid I suppose?

    Still, if the percussionist really IS a psychopath and wipes out the entire audience when his sticks fly out of his hands, £10m is not a lot to go round!

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    It's the tripping over the bass mute that you only needed for one note that gets me.....

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