Brass Band Heist (Belgium) looking for a concert

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  1. Hello,

    Brass Band Heist (Belgium) is going to the SCABA contest in Folkstone on 19th of October 2008.

    We're looking for a band who wants to do a concert with us on saturday evening (18th Oct.), in the neighbourhood of Folkstone.

    Please e-mail me for more information:

    If you search youtube you can find some movies of the band.


    Bert Van Thienen, conductor BB Heist
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    We did a concert with you in 2006 when the contest was cancelled. Much as we would love to again we've got a bit to much on this year as it is.

    However, had you thought about approaching SCABA and seeing if you could perform a concert in the Leas Cliff Hall on that saturday night? Historically a top band used to be engaged to perform a concert that evening half way through the contest. I'm assuming it was stopped due to costs although I'm not sure.

    Having heard Brass Band Heist at Folkestone last year and performed with you the previous year I know it would be a good concert and hopefully draw a decent crowd- particularly if a certain conductor happened to be on the bill as a soprano soloist as well.;)

    I would certainly approach SCABA to see what their views are. I'm assuming they have the hall booked anyway.

    Take care.

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