Brass Band Gems not Currently Available on CD

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by pagliacci, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I hope so too Jim....perhaps another of the keys is to not saturate the 'market' too quickly?
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    We sometimes forget that Wilby is actually pretty well known (for a contemporary British composer) outside banding circles, which I think played a part in Naxos' decision making process; as with the Hyperion recording of Robert Simpson's band works they were able to cover two "niche" markets - contemporary music enthusiasts and brass band enthusiasts - with one release, which helps the business case for making such a recording.

    There would presumably be a similar "double appeal" for recordings of works by composers like Judith Bingham, John McCabe, etc., who are well known and respected composers outside the band fishbowl. There wouldn't be such a strong case for recordings by composers largely unknown outside banding, like PLC or Gilbert Vinter, which I suspect explains why The Trumpets has never been recorded again.

    The only way to make recordings of some of the gnarlier original band works a viable proposition is (and apologies if this is stating the bleedin' obvious) to increase revenue or reducing costs. Increased revenue could come from a higher CD price, grants from arts funding bodies, a pre-release subscription* or online download revenues. Reduced costs could come from bands/MDs doing it for free (since the bands at least are nominally amateur), limited releases, or online download release only (thereby cutting out the manufacturing element).


    a) I can't imagine a huge chorus of approval for increased CD costs
    b) the Arts Council wouldn't know a brass band if they had their collective ankles bitten by one and
    c) I can't imagine bands, and certainly not professional MDs (who have to eat, after all) doing it for free

    So the remaining options look like limited releases, online/download only or some sort of subscription. I took part in a subscription a few years ago to raise money for a CD of contemporary British chamber music (one of the composers featured is an old mate) and the idea is that you invite people to stump up £10-12 in advance to fund the recording, with the promise of a CD to come or your money refunded if not enough is raised in total. The total release is limited to 1000 CDs to keep production/MCPS costs down. Once you get to the necessary total, which for a brass band CD of contemporary music I would guess is going to be around the £8k mark in total, you start the process.
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    It all depends on who and what you choose in every avenue to put even a vaguely accurate ballpark figure on it....but it starts to put the break even costs into context even at the £8k estimate....
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    Thoroughly enjoyed playing the Prince Igor Overture arranged by Barsotti many years ago in the third section. Have just looked for that on CD and can't seem to find a current recording. Unless the passage of time is flattering the piece in my memory, I should have thought it was worthy of an outing on CD; I'd love to hear it again.
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    Time to revive this thread. I was listening to Sovereign Heritage the other day on the Black Dyke reissue and that track was corrupted during CD production and is not the result of premature CD decay.

    I have an idea though.....whether it's a good one remains to be seen. John Ward has put together a very interesting and well produced series of recordings for the Clarence Addoo Trust. What are thoughts on the next one being based on requests?
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    Have you approached him directly with the idea, John?
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    Hi Keith, not yet, I just thought of it and thought I'd ask for comment here first but I'll contact John now and let him make that decision. Thanks for the prompt.
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