Brass Band Gems not Currently Available on CD

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    Oh, yes. That piece, of EB's. why is it so neglected?

    I tell you what, I find it amazing that when Cory Band were doing their series of Brass Band Classics for Doyen, i am surprised that piece wasn't included(Oliver Cromwell that is). A very fine piece of music, IMO.
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  2. pagliacci

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    The BAYV Cory Brass Band Classics series is one of my favourite brass band CD series, all four are very regularly played on my way into work. Are they done at four volumes, or are there plans for any more does anyone know?

    And for them or anyone else who's interested, we're gradually compiling an interesting potential track list!
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    I think we have at least enough for another two volumes, pag!!
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    The series stopped at Volume Four and then the band moved onto producing recordings like The Promised Land and Actaeon.
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    Indeed they did WoB. i have those two albums in my collection. Very fine recordings they are to.

    It would be a good idea to have a companion series ofrecordings of music that was composed circa 1980 1990, or something similar?
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    How about:

    March to the Scaffold - Snell's arrangement
    Telex from Peru
    MacArthur Park - Peberdy's arrangement

    Or if these recordings already exist somewhere, let me know as I am trying to locate them...!

  7. Anno Draconis

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    Tuba Mirum by Gareth Wood
    Alun Hoddinott's 8th Symphony (for brass band and percussion)
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    AD, that must be a pretty good opus from AH!! Can you enlighten me a bit more on this compisitoon.
  9. Tam O Shanter

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    On the subject of "unrecorded Gems" maybe we should include

    1901 National Finals piece at Crystal Palace - Gems from Sullivans Operas No. 3
    1906 National Finals piece at Crystal Palace - Gems of Chopin
    1907 National Finals piece at Crystal Palace - Gems of Schumann
    1910 National Finals piece at Crystal Palace - Gems of Schubert
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    and a few more don't know if ever used as test but Gems From Chopin Works was used for the Senior Cup at Belle Vue 1943 (KSB won it that year)

    Gems from Chopin Works
    Gems from the Great Masters
    Gems of Evergreen Melody
    Gems of Sir Henry Bishop
    Gems of Song
    Gems of Tschaikowsky
  11. nickjones

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    written in 1991 / 1992 for the National Youth Band of Wales 10th anniversary concert in St Davids Hall , massive piece , rock solid and very memorable..amazing piece shame it's only been played once in over 17 years.If I remember I think it was around the 22 / 25 min long.
    it was recorded by Amadeus ( with Merfyn Burtch's piano concerto - soloist Martin Jones) ,1812 , vivat regina , Men of Harlech ( nowt better than a 10 piece bass section ripping the hell out of it ). the master tape which would have had Of Men and Mountains ( massed band -1992 band plus a lot of retired old boys / girls ) but this has been deleted / lost by amadeus , I have tried to get hold of it just for Of men and mountains. but hey ho no luck there!
  12. brassbandmaestro

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    Thanks for that information, Nick. What a pity Amadeus lost that tape.

    What a good reason for a recording company to issue a cd of this work. A very much neglected piece of music.

    Doeyn, S P & S? Any takers?
  13. Anno Draconis

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    That's the puppy, and it's one of the hardest things I've ever played.

    Unlike some of his other band pieces (like Welsh Dances, which also deserves a wider audience) Hoddinott didn't tone down the modernity for this piece which needed an absolute battery of percussion - the tuned perc part was immensely hard IIRC. Very much part of his symphonic output, that just happened to be for brass band instruments. It's a corking piece, and I'm surprised it hasn't surfaced at the RNCM Festival before now. Maybe I'll email Hindmarsh about it!

    I don't even know where the parts would be now, because I don't think it was ever published and we played it from handwritten parts. I presume WAMF have them somewhere, I borrowed a score from them and did a brief analysis of it as part of my dissertation.

    I might be imagining it, but I hear echoes of Hoddinott's work in some of John Pickard's stuff, especially parts of Gaia - I don't know if AH is an acknowledged influence though.
  14. pagliacci

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    Yes maestro, so that's "tMP's Choice Rarities Vols I to III (at least)".

    Should we widen the debate to which band we'd have play each one? Maybe not!...
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    I think Christopher painter ( composer of another NYBBW commission "Ceremonies of Fire" ) was in the process of putting the 8th Symphony thru into sheet music , a lot of great music has been written for the NYBBW ( men of stone , wildfire ) , Gwennan Gorn ( Nigel Clarke ) , requestiat Aberfan ( Martin Ellerby) , Big Sky ( Matt Lima) worth a punt if anyone fancied putting them onto disk.might be worth checking the wamf website.
  16. Anno Draconis

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    I'm pretty sure Gwennan Gorn is on Cory's Wildfire CD (I'll check when I get home) but the point is well made, there have been some corking NYBBW commissions - and for the NYBBGB, let's not forget that Wilby's first major band work was commissioned by the NYBBGB.

    Trouble is, as far as new recordings go there's a limited market for this stuff, and bands good enough to do it justice, along with MDs, rehearsal time, engineers/producers, recording venue, etc. all cost money. Juice ain't worth the squeeze, in most cases, unless arts funding bodies chip in to help.
  17. Tam O Shanter

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    Yes - it is.
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    This week's Star Prize goes to:

    Which is absolutely on the nose.....unless anybody fancies a loss leader....which isn't always beyond the realms of possibility.
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    Is this the point where I say you don't (or shouldn't?) 'lose' a tape?
  20. James Yelland

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    Yes - and no. The recent top 10 success of Philip Wilby's Naxos album might give us grounds for some cautious optimism. Naxos have always recorded less well known repertoire. Years ago I wrote to them pointing just some of the hidden gems of the band repertoire but they didn't reply. Now that they have seen large sales for an album of serious works for band perhaps we might see more from them? I hope so.