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    Many bands, old and new, have gone through various name changes over the years. Indeed, keeping track of what the different incarnations of bands are can often be difficult.

    The Brass Bands Genealogy page of the IBEW attempts to collect together such details for existing bands. Similar information, together with other details, is recorded, where known, in the Extinct Bands section of the website for bands that no longer exist.

    Any details of bands' name changes, mergers and de-mergers, deaths and resurrections - for current bands and those no longer with us - are very welcome here.

    Appropriate entries are made in this area providing details of the bands' previous names and, occasionally, short notes on their history. I tend to leave the fuller details to the bands themselves on their websites.

    All relevant material posted will find its way to the appropriate reference areas of the IBEW.
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    What a great reference tool!

    By the way, the chorley silver band is still called chorley silver band, although it is a youth band, the previous adult section disbanded through lack of players and handed over instruments and music to the younger players. So it technically didn't fold. Unfortunately we have little information about our history, so if anyone knows anything, please let me know. I believe the band is about 110 years old.

    Also, YBS band was formed from Hammonds Sauce works band, which in turn was originally the Saltaire band.
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    Wrexham Brass (NEWI) was formerly named the Rhos Silver Band (based in the village of Rhosllanerchrugog, near Wrexham), before that it was the Hafod Colliery Brass Band and before that it was the Rhos Silver Prize Band. Apparently the oldest musical organisation in North Wales.
    A loss of rehearsal room led to the move to Wrexham's University of Wales Campus (NEWI) and becoming the band in residence.
    The name change to the Wrexham Brass NEWI Band coincided with this.
  4. DublinBass

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    Central Ohio Brass Band

    The Central Ohio Brass Band was known as Ohio Collegiate Brass (OCB) until 1995 when the mjority of the bandsman were out of uni and it changed to COBB.
  5. dyl

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    Formed in?
  6. DaveR

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    1880 something if I recall correctly - 1885?
  7. dyl

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    50 years after Deiniolen then! Which makes it a young musical organisation in comparison! ;)

    Anyway - back to the topic in hand - I was going to post Deiniolen's previous names Gavin - but I see you've already got them!
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    The date I have in the Genealogies page for Wrexham (Rhos Prize Silver Band) is 1884 - probably obtained from the now defunct Wrexham website. But we won't argue over a year......
  9. michellegarbutt

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    Murton Colliery Band was formed in 1884 as the Blue Ribbon Termperance Band. Not much is known about this period other than the fact that the members wore a blue ribbon on their sleeve.
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    Apparently, nine months after formation, with a drop in subscriptions and with recruitment of new members somewhat under strain, it was decided:

    "that the band be still carried on, but every member be left to his own option whether to be teetotal or not, except at the time of an engagement."
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    here's a bit about The Oldham Band (Lees)

    The Oldham Band (Lees), although formed in 2004, has quite a history. As far as I know (and I'm sure our band chairman will correct me as he is currently writing about the band's history) it started in 1873, as The Glodwick Band which dwindled a bit in the 1900's but then arose again in 1935 as the Glodwick Prize Band.
    It was during this time that they became known as the Shamrock band after they mistakenly ate the shamrock that was laid on a table for decoration (they thought it was water cress!) at a St Patrick's Day celebration with Besses o' th' Barn at the Free Trade Hall.
    In 1949 the police raided The Glodwick Band Club possibly for drinking after hours, and the band had to sell the instruments to pay the fine. In order to pay the fine the band did a house to house collection amongst other things and managed to buy back the instruments from Thomas Reynolds & Sons (Manchester) and in recognition changed their name to the Glodwick Public Prize Brass Band in 1950.
    The band was renamed again in 1955 to become the Lees and Glodwick Band, then amalgamated with the Cobden Chadwick Band (formerly Zion Methodists Band from Lees in Oldham) to form Oldham Brass 97, in 1997.
    In 2004 Oldham Brass'97 was down to eight members and joined forces with some youngsters from Bare Trees Community Wind Band and ex-Dobcross Youth members to form The Oldham Band (Lees)
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    The Yorkshire Evening Post Band started life in 1857 as the Leeds Model Band.
    It contested proudly under this title for 120 years until the mid 1970's when it accepted sponsorship from Cameron Ironworks and became the Cameron Ironworks Band.
    A few years later they became The John Waddington Band and then the Yorkshire Relish Band before becoming Yorkshire Evening Post Band in the 1980's.
    The band still functions successfully under this banner as a brass ensemble.

    - Wilkie
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    I have a copy of the Centenary photo in 1973 and I do have a tape containing some of the band history narrated by a man who conducted in the 50/60s.
    I played for L any G from 1970 to 1983 and later for Oldham brass 97
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    There are quite a few "previous names" for bands on the website

    (Bit of a zombie thread, so this wouldn't have been a relevant answer way back then... still, it might be heplful to anyone who stumbles upon it via google in future).

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