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    Hey there everyone, how is everyone doing?

    Are there any brass band camps/schools out there that are 1-3 months or something like that?

    I attend the Salvation Army National Music Camp of Canada every summer (ages 18-30) and its amazing getting great instruction from the Canadian Staff Band members.You have Instrumental class and full band rehearsals with a huge concert at the end of the week. Its a great time but only a week long (I wish it was alot longer) so I was wondering if there are any camps/schools that just focus on the brass banding for a longer period of time? Im looking to get out there and get a new experience. I have alot of money saved so Im willing to travel

    I really want to improve my level of playing to the professional levels. There's basically no chance I'll be in the Black dyke band but I still want my level of playing up there and to make any band I play with that much better. I practice 2 hours everyday...lots of Arbans excercises and Roger Webster (Preparation,Practice,Performance) studies.

    If anyone has any information on brass band schools and such, please let me know! thanks!
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    Before I moved to Australia I played in a similar Music camp in the UK. The National School of Music In Cobham .
    Norman Bearcroft was MD when I was there in 1985.
    These camps realy do help our talent and I often wish I could attend more myself but am now a little past the age of Music camps.
    good luck with your endevour.