Brass Band Buizingen records new CD with Steven Mead

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    At the recent European Brass Band Championships in Belfast, Brass Band Buizingen of Belgium presented its latest CD called "Euphonium Virtuoso", which was recorded in cooperation with euphonium legend Steven Mead. The band's previous release, "Ad Optimum", was received very well in the world of brass banding. After hearing it, Steven mead contacted the band himself to ask if they would be interested in accompanying him on a new recording project.

    These recordings took place on 7, 8 and 9 October 2005 in the Leuven Lemmens Institute. The works on the CD range from original euphonium works (Joseph Horovitz, Amilcare Ponchielli, Philip Sparke) to virtuoso pieces originally written for the bassoon, the voice, the violin and cello. 3 pieces were especially arranged by Buizingen conductor Luc Vertommen.

    A piece on Steven's website tells about the weekend...

    [...]After some good days in Manchester it was off to Belgium and Holland for a CD recording with Brass Band Buizingen, one of the top brass bands in Belgium, with their brilliant conductor and arranger Luc Vertommen and then four days on tour in Holland.
    The literature for the new solo CD is exciting. I know you'd expect me to say this, and after so many recordings in the last few years, but I say this sincerely. Luc Vertommen found some of the music including the amazing Cello Concerto by the Austrian Friedrich Gulda, The Playful Pachyderm (originally bassoon and orchestra, Gilbert Vinter) and I discovered the Introduction and Tarantella (for violin) by Sarasate. The new Philip Sparke showpiece Harlequin and Prof. Henry Howey's revised brass band version of The Ponchielli Concerto per Flicorno Basso are also on the disc as well as the Horovitz Concerto. The concert hall of the Lemmens Institute, Leuven was the venue and its natural acoustics really added to the enjoyment of the recording. The addition of rhythm guitar in the Gulda Concerto was a treat too and this is going to be a piece all euphonium players will want to play.
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