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    BBA Harrogate

    Hello tMP's,
    Everyone at BBA wish the contestants all the very best at the weekend in Harrogate.

    Brass Band Aid will also be there in the foyer somewhere selling CD's, BBA
    T-shirts,and hopefully a brand new composition written for BBA by Alan Fernie, will be available for sale at the weekend.
    I havent seen the score yet, but I understand it has an African feel about it!

    If you are down there, come and say hello, and let us know who you are re tMP nicknames. It will be nice to put a face to the name, or will it.........smiles!!

    You will also have the opportunity to sign up and support Brass Band Aid!
    Its ok, it doesnt mean you will loose your house, car or student loan, only the shirt off ya back!

    ps, make sure you bring plenty of money, you know it makes sense!!
    Look forward to seeing you there.
    Me again
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    Advert Feature: TIG team up with Band Aid

    The Totally Insured Group have teamed up with Brass Band Aid in a bid to raise further money for a great cause.

    Totally Insured Group (TIG) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Brass Band Aid in their bid to raise money for a new school in Adet, Ethiopia.

    As previously announced on 4BR, TIG is splitting its commission with bands to help raise valuable funds. Now you have the option to help Brass Band Aid too, simply by taking out new Life Insurance or re-brokering your existing Insurance through TIG to see if they could save you money on your premiums.

    "This is a fantastic opportunity for bands to raise money through the Charity Aid scheme from TIG. We are now giving them the option to share their fundraising with Brass Band Aid should they wish. This way everyone wins"

    ~ TIG Group
    Andrew Norman, Director of Charities for TIG said, “We have been in discussions with World Vision for a while to see how we can aid their work worldwide. This new partnership cements the great work Brass Band Aid are already doing, coupled with our own Charity work.
    Bandsmen and supporters alike can select Brass Band Aid as their chosen charity when they take a Life Insurance, Critical Illness or Term Assurance policy arranged through TIG.

    Fantastic opportunity

    This is a fantastic opportunity for bands to raise money through the Charity Aid scheme from TIG. We are now giving them the option to share their fundraising with Brass Band Aid should they wish. This way everyone wins!”

    Bob Thompson from Brass Band Aid added: "We are delighted to be associated with the ‘The Totally Insured Group’; this is a unique opportunity to contribute to the Brass Band Aid project in Ethiopia. Whilst your pocket is unlikely to notice the difference, hundreds of children will."

    Bob Thomspon.
    On behalf of BBA.

    For more information visit and*bands

    Totally Insured Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
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    It was great to meet some of the BBA crew on Saturday. I couldn't stick around too long, sadly, as I was being ushered out of the door to the coach. I hope the weekends fundraising raised shedloads of cash.
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    Cheers Wooden,
    It was great to meet the tMP's too, and I was right, it isnt always pleasant putting the faces to the names!!

    On a serious note, excuse the pun, some interesting discussions took place with the tMP team over the weekend, so keep watching the tMP spaces as it were!

    In terms of the stand at the Nationals, well my feet are so sore that they are as sore as something thats really sore, but I cant quite think of what that something is at the moment, but regardless, they are that sore!

    We arent sure how much everyone contributed in terms of CD sales and other related items, but it looks considerable. We will let you Know tommorow, as Sarah Burn, percussion at Reg Vardy, her mum and her Gran, were staying to the end and rattling the collection buckets for us. A real toupe of BBA super star supporters!!
    Great to see you all, and hopefully, Pontins here we come!
    nite all, my feet ache!
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    I would imagine that with your fantastic sales pitch Bob, you would have raised a considerable amount!

    "Have you seen the God Father madam"! :eek:

    Nice to meet you, Briony and the rest of the Gang. This is a great cause, and the dedication of the BBA Team is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to meeting you all again at Pontins.

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    It would appear that the.."Do you have a gerbil?"........."do you love it? Would you like it back?" sales technique had some effect after all!

    We raised approximately £1800 at the weekend, which is just amazing, thank you very much for your support.

    In addition to the sales, the response from the band members and supporters was wonderful, many bands offering to get involved in some shape or form. So, don’t forget, get in touch and let us know what you are up to for Brass Band Aid.

    I would like to thank the other traders on the day, whose support was most appreciated, especially Rosehill and World of Brass, who directed a steady flow of mints and tuba shaped sweets to our stand!!

    Special thanks must go to TOR Designs/Handleys, for their outstanding support, having donated a tailored table cloth, polo shirts for those manning the stand, Stand banners and a line of 'official Brass Band Aid' merchandise with the BBA embroided logo . It really gave the stand a professional look, even if the folk working on it didn’t!

    Most of the traders made donations of some sort to BBA for an auction event to be held sometime in the New Year, so keep your eyes posted for that one, there will be some amazing stuff up for grabs.

    Now then, I cant go with out (and its starting to sound like the flippin Oscars now) saying mega thank you’s to Clare from Just Brass and Travel Sphere Band, who worked her bu** off in the couple of days and nights, running up to Harrogate, preparing the new music composed for BBA by Alan fernie, African Funk, and of course our conductor Steve who was up till 3 am inputting it onto Sib.

    Clare is a rare breed, (thank the lord!) Her motivation for BBA is second to none, and all for the price of a kebab, which I might add, she has not received as yet! She managed to have the music copied, packaged and superbly presented for the weekend, thank you……..but don’t get carried away Clare, there is always room for improvement!
    Oops I almost forgot, we still have your buckets!!

    Thanks to everyone for your continued support, keep it going get involved it’s easy and it really is making a difference.
    Hope to see you all at Pontins.
    Cheers Bob.
    now then, where's that Gerbil got too.................!
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    That's fantastic news Bob - well done.

    Let's see if we can beat that amount when tMP collect for BBA at Pontins . . . .

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    You know, it’s so easy when one is making thank you's in the Oscar style, to forget perhaps the most important people!
    Well guess what.....................doh!!

    I must thank Niki Bland and Philip Morris, Kapitol Promotions for their wonderful support for Brass Band Aid, since its inception.
    In particular, I would like to thank them both for their most recent assistance, the space in the trade hall and table they donated at the Nationals, Harrogate, in support of BBA.

    Apologies for the earlier omission, I will have myself thrashed!
    Bob the Thrashed

    Ps, should I forget to thank anyone in the future, please forgive me, the thankyou list is getting longer by the day!
    One can only be thrashed so many times you know!
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    Don't worry Bob, you're forgiven...:) ;)
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    Then you'd better be prepared to bend over take 6 of the best then Bob, haven't you forgotten someone else? ;)
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    Dinnie, stop tormenting me ,tell me please..I cant take the stress and neither can my rear!

    Did I mention that Alan Fernie has composed a new piece of music for BBA, called African Funk?
    Only £12.00 available from Just Brass, its a nice little piece, Yorkshire Co op are playing it at their next concert on the 1st October. I would suggest all tMP's attend the concert for the premier, you know it makes sense. Anyone not attending, well............... have you seen the Godfather....we know where you live!

    ps, is there somewhere better to advertise the music?

    the rather sore
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    Those attending the Wychavon Contest this Sunday (2nd) will be able to purchase African Funk and the Brass Band Aid CD from tMP's and Thornes Music Trade Stands.

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    "well Bob, it dosen't take much to fathom out where it's best to advertise for free... does it???":biggrin:
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    xrtra Doh!
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    Hello Tmp's,
    Last weekend we handed over the first cheque of 10 thousand pounds to world vision, at the Mineworlkers contest, Butilins.
    Just to let you know, amazing news, we have now passed our second 10 thousand pounds target, taking the total raised so far to over 20 thousand pounds.

    This is a huge sum of money and will go a very long way in the building of the school.
    However, we cant stop here, we've only just begun, so go knock on your band commitees door and get them invlolved, concerts, collections raffles anything to raise the funds for the school. Together the Brass Band world is making a massive difference.
    MAny many many thanks to you all for your support.

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    It should certainly be a good evening. Unfortunately, just as for the previous performance, I can't get there as we're in Reading with our songsters (choir). Apparently it's also Cup Final Day, so my West Ham supporting friend tells me!
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    BBA Ethiopia

    Hello Tmp
    Sorry I havent been on for a while but the time life balance has been somewhat mad in recent months. Anyway, I have spent the weekend updating the BBA website, which was a few weeks behind. Please have a look, and, if you are inclined leave a few comments in the comments section.
    Please dont forget to register your band for the Brass Band A'Live Aid week in May, there are some wonderful prizes on offer too.

    Many thanks for your support