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  1. Okiedokie of Oz

    Okiedokie of Oz Active Member

    A lot of Aussies can't wait to get their mits on the CD!!!!! :D
  2. Bariman

    Bariman Member

    What's the latest state of play on this?
  3. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    The 'latest on this', is well overdue, however this is beyond our control at the moment. We have hit a couple of delays in terms of the CD release and I'm sure you will appreciate that when companies are offering their services free of charge, it is very difficult to 'hassle them' as it were.
    Having said that, we hope that a couple of gentle reminders send only this week will result in the CD being available in the next 2-3 weeks, am I holding my breath? I hope not!!

    In respect of the overall project, World Vision, the charity we have been working with, has identified a specific project for Brass Band Aid to sponsor. The project is that of building and fitting out a school library in a town called Adet, in Ethiopia.
    We will be given regular updates and photographs which will be published on our websites in order that everyone keep a track of the project as it develops.

    In respect of Brass Band Aid, the following people have agreed to be Trustee's of Brass Band Aid;
    Richard Evans, Ian Porthouse, Roger Webster, David Childs, Steve Sykes and Alan Fernie, which is superb news and what better ambassadors for the trust.

    Many thanks for your patience, re factors beyond our control!
    ps please feel free to get in touch either here, by e mail or by telephone should you wish to get involved or have any ideas to help promote the project.
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  4. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Hello everyone,
    We are almost there!.................we are also ready to launch the second stage of Brass Band Aid, so please keep posted, Hopefully your TMP director, John, will release the information later today or over the weekend re how everyone can take part in Brass Band Aid.

    Check out the website if you haven’t already been, its in the early stages but getting there. I only noticed yesterday, we have had 33467 hits, but not to many comments in the visitor section, leave a comment, but remember, its not only for adults!!

    Many thanks
  5. Gordo

    Gordo New Member


    I think that this is a fab idea cant wait 4 the cd n i will c if our band will pledge a concert. I think that every 1 should join in with this. :clap:
  6. Gordo

    Gordo New Member

    Brass Band Aid Concert

    Hello, just to let you all know the next concert to raise money will be at Swansea University on the 29th July. As some of you will know the International Brass Band summer school is being held that week and at the end of each course the participants present a concert.

    The band will be conducted by Bob Childs and feature many of the tutors, Roger Webster, Ian Porthouse, Steve Sykes, Chris Turner, David Childs. The list goes on.

    The concert is free of charge; however there will be a collection in respect of Brass Band Aid.

    So if you are in the area, come along, it’s free and from past experience, it’s a brilliant night with a wonderful programme and high standards of playing throughout the band, what more could you ask for.

    Get involved, come along and support BBA. 'Music Making' a difference.


    Bob Thompson

  7. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Brass Band Aid..ooops!

    Hello, sorry about this, but the above message was entered by me, however my daughter Brionys friend, has recently regesterd and was using our pc, unfortunately she forgot to log out, hence, its under her name, Gordo.
    Sorry re any confusion.
    Bob, suffering from mental indegestion and a house full of teenagers!!
  8. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Just a notice.
    The Brass Band Aid team are away for a week at the Swansea International Brass Summer School with a group of youngsters, so if you e-mail us and dont get a response for a while, you know why.
    I will be back on the 31st Aug, and will respond to you then.
    Many thanks
    If you need to contact in the meanwhile please ring
    07786 0268966.
  9. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Almost there!................I am advised that we should have the CD within the next 2 can check the front cover and playlist out on the website
  10. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Brass Band Aid NEWS FLASH

    Hello everyone,
    Well at last.............the Brass Band Aid Cd will be available from the 2nd September....sighs of relief!

    The CD is priced at £10 +one pound for postage and packaging. To find out how to order a copy visit our all new website:
    The site is in its infancy but we are getting there, suggestions welcome!

    You can listen to audio clips from some of the bands, including the celebrity band.
    Have a look around the site and please leave your coments, in particular check out the Trustess section and the events sections to see who is taking part so far, in fact, check them all out, You know it makes sense.!...............smiles.

    Please get involved in any way you can,

    Many thanks for your support,
    Bob .
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  11. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Brass Band Aid, help needed please.

    Just a minor request!

    Would it be possible for any of you to place the Brass Band Aid logo on your Band websites? By doing this you would hopefully be further promoting the project and helping to maximise the impact.

    You could go one better and join in by promoting a concert for BBA, or some other fundraiser, check the site out to see who is already involved and what they are up to. Dont forget there is no set formatt for supporting BBA, if you have any ideas. (no matter how whacky, as long as they are legal!) which may help please get in touch.

    The logo, was designed by our Bass trombone player, John Grey, hey what can I say, sliders rule, no question!
    So have a word with your webmasters or what ever they are called, then drop me an e mail and I will send the link to you, or you can nick it off the website;
    We are taking orders for the CD now, £10 + one pound for p&p

  12. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    I will certainly add the link to Flixtons site Bob :tup :biggrin:
  13. Richard Dyson

    Richard Dyson Member


    Happy to add it to The Brass Herald site. Its on every page of the site so hopefully it should help you get more publicity for this worthwhile cause.

  14. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Many thanks

    Thats brilliant thank you so much.
    Sparkling, can you send me your e mail addy, the links on your profile are not working.

  15. John Grey

    John Grey New Member

    Brass Band Aid logos

    Thanks Bob,
    If anone would like to link to the Brass Band Aid website, I've put a selection of logos on this page with the code to display these as links to Brass band Aid.
    cheers, John
  16. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    I have taken the images from the downloads on your site :) and added them but FYI you can contact me on :tup
  17. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member


    There is now a Paypal facility on the BBA website, for those of you who like to purchase in the comfort of your own PC chair!

  18. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member


    Special request,
    The BBA Cd is selling very well, however, we would like to sell a thousand CD's over the course of the next week, this would allow us to release the money almost immediatley for the first stage of the School project in Ethiopia, to get under way. We are well on the way, but you can make it happen.

    So, if you are considering a purchase, dont know it makes sense!

    Many thanks for you support,
    ps, Who is going to start the Bidding on the latest offer from Brass Band Aid?
    Check out the breaking news on and or the news forum on TMP.
  19. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Have added the site to our links page as well.
    Heard the CD in Swansea at the International Summer School - excellent.
    Ordered it as well.
    :clap: Well done folks.
  20. briony

    briony New Member


    Hey tmp'ers,

    I think we have sold about 400 in the last few days, so that is really brilliant.
    If we cansell another 600 soon we have reached the first target.
    All the other money we raise will be used to build classrooms.

    So buy one soon, or buy more than one soon! so we can reach the target quickly.


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