Brass Band aid reaches Blackpool!

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  1. ohIdoliketobe

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    Blackpool Brass have got into the full swing of their contribution to Brass Band Aid. They are holding a concert at the Salvation Army Citadel in Raikes Parade Blackpool at 7pm on the 22nd July 2006. <p>
    Tickets cost £5.00 either on the door on the night, or from the Salvation Army reception or alternativelt call David Hall on 07752 035697 or Phil Sherlock on 07779 807795.<p>
    Make a day of it, come to Blackpool, enjoy the day and take in a concert in the evening by an award winning Band on the way up and playing out of its' skin for a school in Ethiopia.
  2. Bob Thompson

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    BBA in Blackpool

    Great news, and many thanks. Of course we will be there to support the concert too.
    Its an early start, taking time out for a paddle, a sand-castle and a bag of chips, then onto the main attraction at the Citadel.
    Please try and remain in your skin, as the mess will be something terrible!
    Many thaks for the upport, see you all on saturday.
  3. ohIdoliketobe

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    Skins should remain in place....

    Thanks for your post, we look forward to seeing you there.... feedback has been thin on the ground, but we have publicised this widely. So knowing there will be at least some bums on seats is comforting.

    See you there....Stu
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Have you posted details here on tMP? In the calendar etc...?
  5. ohIdoliketobe

    ohIdoliketobe New Member

    mirculously.... it appears to be there..... so if it was you....much appreciated!!

  6. Bob Thompson

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    I think I did it sometime ago.on the ball!!

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