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  1. Bob Thompson

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    Hello tMP's,
    This thread is to keep you up to date with the support from bands/banders who are supporting BBA, as you will see the list is in 2 parts, those with confirmed events, ie dated, and those without are to be confirmed.
    For more information about those confirmed visit the events section of

    If you would like to get involved, please do, its simple and we will add you to the list and set up a page about your event, check it out. If you have any ideas to generate support, get in touch.


    *15 May 2005 - Brass Band Aid CD Recording

    *Black Dyke - Ebay Auction. Opportunity to play with Dyke in a concert. Coming soon!!

    *Alan Fernie - New Composition

    *17 July 2005 - Sellars International and Barnard Castle Band

    *29 July 2005 - International Summer School Band

    *11 July 2005 - Keith Quinn's 65th Birthday Concert - Stanhope

    *28 August 2005 - Stanhope Silver Band Weardale Agricultural Show

    *10 September 05 - Flemish Open Brass Band Championships Brass Band Hombeek

    *Eastwood Brass Band & Owen Farr

    *11 September 05 - Stanhope Agricultural Show Service, collection.

    *1st Oct 05 United Yorkshire Co-op

    *8 October 05 - Penclawdd Brass Band-Wales

    *8 October 05 - Weardaliens Frosterley Village Hall 8pm

    *15 October 05 - Bearpark and Esh Colliery

    *23rd Oct 05 United Yorkshire Co-op

    *28 & 29 October 05 - Felling Brass

    *28 & 29 October 05 - tMP Band & Pontins

    *26th November 05-Steve Sykes Tuba Virtuoso and Stanhope Band

    *10 December 05 - Kortrijk Brass Band (Belgium)

    *27 Jan 06 Cobham Brass with Ian Porthouse and Roger Webster

    *09 Apr 06 Australia Mornigton Youth and Citizens, Kew Band & Frankston City Bands.
    * April. Broughtons Brass. Peterlee, Hwlech College

    *29 Apr 06. Hemel Hempstead Brass and Celebrity.

    *Optimum Brass Performance of Karl Jenkins,"The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace". 13.05.06

    05.05.06. Broughtons Brass and Guests. Houghal College Peterlee 7.30pm.

    20.05.06: Penrith Town and Carlisle St Stephens Band

    04.June 06.Bear Park and Esh

    24.June 06. Pennine Brass, Trentham Brass and Ceramic Choir

    22.July 06.Blackpool Brass

    2006-2007 New England Brass and Douglass Yeo. USA

    Creswell Band

    Nick Hudson Trombone Virtuoso

    Ian Porthouse Cornet Virtuoso

    Roger Webster Cornet Virtuoso

    Steve Sykes Tuba Virtuoso.

    Alan Fernie Scottish Borders Brass Bands compilation CD

    Owen Farr CD with various Brass Ensembles in Wales

    Mount Charles Band

    Pittington Brass Band

    Sacriston Colliery Band

    Rochdale Borough Youth Band.

    Smithhills School Senior Brass Band.
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  2. Bob Thompson

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    Brass Band Aid will be in London for the National Championships this weekend.

    In addition to selling the BBA CD's, Music and clothing, we will also be available for general chat about the project, most of the celebrity players intend to be in and around the stand to help out.
    Annette from World Vision will also be with us for a few hours to give you information about their organisation and the amazing work they undertake around the world.
    The main BBA stand will be located in the Imperial College however there will be an un-manned or to be pc, an un personed, stand in the Royal Albert Hall.
    Come and say hello.

    We also have a stand in the Market Place of Durham City Centre on Saturday, where the Bear Park and Esh Band are performing for BBA, get out and support BBA this weekend make sure you bring all your loose five pound notes for the collections too!

    BBA wish all the bands the very best at the RAH this weekend, especially our local Bands, Reg Vardy, CLS Riverside and Horden.
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  3. Bob Thompson

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    BBA events

    The most recent event on behalf of BBA was a pool match in London follwoing the Nationals, beteween Fairys and Whitburn band, the proceeds of which were donated to BBA. What an excellent idea!
    I do not have the details re who won, however I am hopefull that they will appear in next weeks sports round up on BBC televsion next Saturday!.
    Nice one!
  4. Bob Thompson

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    An excellent weekend for BBA fund raising!
    In London at the Championships your support raised approx £700,

    Members of Bear Park and Esh Colliery Band, raised approx £500 in 2 hours at their open air concert in Durham City on the same. A truly superb effort and contribution to Brass Band Aid.

    On Saturday evening, Stanhope Silver and Barnard Castle Bands undertook a joint concert, we are still awaiting the final figure from that one, but what a magnificent effort from all those who took part and supported this weekend.

    Well done and many many thanks to you all.
    Oh, and I mustn’t forget the Killer Pool match between Whitburn and Fairy’s Band, the prize money being donated to BBA.
    Keep it coming; you are making a real difference.
    Bob BBA
  5. Bob Thompson

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    Down under bands supporting BBA and more!

    And theres more!

    Alexandra Kirwin is forming the New Zealand all Stars Brass Band to promote a concert in Auckland Town Hall in March 2006. I had a look at the town hall on the web, it is something else, alleged to be one of the best concert halls in the world!

    Stonesfield Silver Band have recently released their new CD, Magic of the Movies, and for every CD sold they will donate a pound to BBA, what a great idea!

    We have also made a contact in Japan and at least one of the Brass Bands over there are hoping to get involved too.

    Many thanks to you all for your continued support.
    Bob BBA
  6. Bob Thompson

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    Down Under underway

    Support from Down under is well underway!

    One of Australia's premier Brass Bands, Kew Band from Melbourne are promoting a concert on the 27th November in support of Brass Band Aid.
    The Kew band are the first of many we hope will get involved. Have a look at their website on,

    We are over the moon at the recent offers from Kew and Alexandra's 'Kiwi All Star Brass band'.

    We need more of it though!

    For more info about the BBA events please visit the website,

    Superb effort many thanks on behalf of everyone in and around BBA
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  7. Bob Thompson

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    We are please to announce two newly formed ensembles joining in to support BBA that the all new IP Brass will undertake 2 concerts in support of Brass Band Aid in January and the Bone Shakers will undertake a series of events over the coming weeks in support of BBA.

    Hey anyone can fund raise, get ya chops going for BBA!
  8. Bob Thompson

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    Listen to the Band

    Well we have it on good authority that the BA Cd will get a run out on Listen to the Band this Friday, 2nd Dec. Let me know what the crack is as Im playing on Friday, darn it!
    For those of you who have not bought it yet, you will at least get an opportunity to listen to some of it before hand and hey, its almost Christmas so get one for some you love, or someone you dont!
    You know it makes sense!!
  9. Bob Thompson

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    Black Dyke

    Black Dyke, Opera North and singers from the Leeds Met University will perform Handels Messiah on behalf of Brass Band Aid and other charities.

    The concert will take place on the evening of Sunday 4 December, starting at 7pm, in the Carnegie Tennis Centre, Headingley Campus. All are welcome to sing or to attend the performance through contacting the organiser of the weekend, Hannah Hughes,
    Tickets to watch the performance are £5 or £2 for concessions, and the concert is in support of Brass Band Aid, Jane’s Appeal and the Earthquake Appeal.

    Come along and support this wonderful evening of music.

  10. Bob Thompson

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    Hetton Youth Band

    Sadly the Hetton Youth Brass Band in Co Durham are having to fold. Thankfully however, all of the players have alternative bands to go to.
    Following a telephone call from them this evening, they have all decided that, at a final party for the youngsters this weekend, they intend to organise some fund raisers any monies they raise will be donated to Brass Band Aid.

    This is a fabulous offer of support from the youngsters and organisers at Hetton Youth Band in what must be an emotional time. We wish you all the very best for the future in your new bands and huge thanks for your support.
    From all at BBA
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    Bob, why not enter these too into the tMP Event Calendar... they would appear in chronological order then at the bottom of the forum home page.

    tMP Calendar
  12. Bob Thompson

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    BBA are wishing all of the competing Bands the very best at the weekend in Butlins.
    It looks like a great set up and some excellent entertainment in addition to the contest.
    BBA will be down there so say hello and hoy ya spare cash in the buckets.
    YOU know it makes sense!
  13. Bob Thompson

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    Cobham Band

    The Cobham band undertook a concert on Friday evening, 27 Jan, with guest soloist Ian Porthouse in support of Brass Band Aid.
    Audience reports indicate the evening was a fabulous event and most entertaining, indeed, Ian played a duet with Joe Smith, principal cornet with the Cobham band and played the second part of the cornet duet Trumpet Fiesta.
    Why am I reporting specifically on this concert, well, this was the first concert arranged for BBA way back in August last year, although it obviously wasn’t the first one to take place.
    I don’t normally like to report on how much individual concerts generate for BBA as every penny really does make a differene, but in this instance I feel its a must, in all the concert, raffle and Brass Band Aid CD sales raised over £2200. An astonishing sum.
    In real terms this money will build a classroom and kit it out. Outstanding effort many many thanks to Joe, Ruth, Beryl Smith the Cobham Band and Ian Porthouse.
    Ps have a look at their website
  14. imthemaddude

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    There was a band doing a concert on fri for BBA and they asked for a request on classic fm - I was horrified that they didnt even get a trumpet concerto or anything, they got this orchesra piece to listen to. grrr why not brass
  15. Bob Thompson

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    Hi Linda
    You have me confused now, what are you on about?........smiles
    You mean BBA was mentiond on classic fm?
  16. Wainy2004

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    Some of the brass and vocal worlds’ most talented musicians will be participating in a special concert on Saturday 13th May 2006 to raise money for Brass Band Aid and to promote peace in our time. The event, entitled A Time for Peace: A Musical Spectacular, will be a ground-breaking concert sponsored by Smith Watkins Brass.

    The first half will feature the Optimum Brass Band, a one-off, specially invited group of some of the finest players in the UK, featuring a fusion of Salvationist, contesting and freelance players, from bands such as the Buy as you View, Fairey and International Staff Bands. The band will be performing a number of exciting items, and within this will be included a Soloist Showcase. This will feature the exceptional talents of Chris Turner (cornet and trumpet), Owen Farr (tenor horn), David Childs (euphonium) and Katrina Marzella (baritone).

    In the second half the band will be joined by members of Bromley Temple Songsters of The Salvation Army, together with guest vocalists from other London choirs, and Cameron Burns (organ), for a performance of The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace, by Karl Jenkins, transcribed by Andrew Wainwright and Duncan Gibbs.

    The vocal soloists for the Mass will be Louise Turner (soprano), Marjory Watson (alto), Matt Woods (tenor) and Mark Norwood (bass). This will be only the second performance of the transcription, which was premiered with great success last April.

    The Musical Director for the evening will be Bandmaster Howard J. Evans.

    The concert will be held at St Mark's Church, Westmoreland Road, Bromley, Kent BR2 0TB, starting at 7.30pm.

    For more information, visit the concert’s website at

    Tickets are priced £15, £10, £8 and £7 (concessions, not available for £15 seats) and are available from Philip Wainwright on 07906 242 319, or by e-mailing They will also be available on the door, but you are encouraged to pre-book to avoid disappointment. All proceeds go towards Brass Band Aid.
  17. Wainy2004

    Wainy2004 New Member

    Top players in Charity Spectacular

    To quote Bob Thompson:

    "This is likely to be one of the highlights of the series of concerts put on for Brass Band Aid".

    Book your tickets for "A Time for Peace: A Musical Spectacular" asap!
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  18. chris turner

    chris turner New Member

    Enjoyed playing at the concert on Saturday. Some great playing from the band. Well done to all the organisers and lets hope it has raised a lot of money for brass band aid. Hope your cars better Bob.
  19. Wainy2004

    Wainy2004 New Member

    Cheers for coming down Chris and what a solo! A screamer of a top F at the end there!

    We raised quite a bit of money...will let you know how much when we get round to working it all out!

    p.s. enjoyed coming to your "classy" hotel afterwards, have got some great footage of David and Owen on Andrew's phone!

  20. ISBBBb2

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    Yes I agree what great event! Well done to the Wainy's for organising it and to the soloists for what was simply a master class in brass playing! Well worth the three and a half hour journey! Hopefully me and Paul taught Ben a trick or two in the art of tuba playing!!! :rolleyes:
    Will there any reviews of the concert done and how much money was eventually raised?

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