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    Posted on behalf of Brass Band Aid:

    On Sunday, 11 September, we will be auctioning one of the following opportunities on eBay, the other will be up for auction the following month.

    The offer is, for the winning bidder/bidders, to conduct one piece of music or play one piece of music (depending on which auction you bid) with the Black Dyke Band at one of their concerts.

    The concerts/dates times etc will be arranged with the winners, i.e. which concert they will attend etc.

    The prize will be open to the winner for a 12 month period . . . and thats not all!

    Most of Black Dyke's engagements are evening concerts. The band has a 5 / 5.30 rehearsal in the concert venue prior to the gig. This is almost always followed by a tea. The winning bidders would be invited to participate in the rehearsal and have tea with the band ( and a drink afterwards should they wish). A signed band photograph to commemorate the event(s) would also be presented.

    And there's more!

    The winning bidders can take along up to 3 members of their family/friends to share this amazing experience by meeting the band and receiving complementary tickets for the concert.

    Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity
    The bidding will commence on one of the auctions on Sunday 11 September the other will follow the following month. The eBay web link will be posted on our website,

    The proceeds from the auction will go directly to Brass Band Aid.
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  2. Bob Thompson

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  3. Bob Thompson

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    BBA Black Dyke Auction

    Absolutely amazing, the first e bay auction, to conduct Black Dyke came to a close this afternoon with a mad flurry of bids.

    The bid was appeared to be hovering around the £250 over the course of the last few days, we were resigned, but more than happy, that it would perhaps be the last bid.
    However in the last 10 minutes the auction took off, closing with a winning bid of £620.
    Details of the winner will be announced at a later date, if the winner is happy to be disclosed that is.
    We continue to be overwhelmed by the amazing support people are giving to BBA,
    Words of thanks don’t seem to be enough.

  4. dyl

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    Superb news Bob. An excellent amount raised.
  5. Bob Thompson

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    Black Dyke e bay auction number 2

    The second e bay auction to Play with the Black Dyke Band will begin on the 02.12.05 and end on the 11.12.05.
    As you know the previous auction to conduct the band went for an amazing sum of £620, I'm sure this one will raise even more. I hope so anyway!
  6. Roger Thorne

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    Just to remind you all that the second auction finishes tomorrow.

  7. Bob Thompson

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    Black Dyke Auction

    Well the second e bay auction, to play with the Black Dyke band ended this afternoon with a flurry of bids, it was very exciting too. The auction closed at £435, outstanding.
    In total the 2 auctions raised £1055 an amzing amount.
    We must thank Black Dyke for the superb support they have offered to BBA from the early stages of BBA's development, in particular special thanks must go to Roger Webster (captain cool) who has worked tremendously behind the scenes on our behalf.
    A special mention to David Webster, who managed the e bay auction on our behalf, as Im too thick to work it out!


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