Brass Band 28/28 competition

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    Contesting. The Jekyll and Hyde of the music genre we love and hate. A schizophrenic character disorder that both provides a life blood but also a millstone around the neck of our hobby.

    Each year we peddle around the proverbial contest wheel wishing to get a little bit higher or faster and if we don't the wheel remains. This proverbial wheel does not change, we don't really get to try a winter wheel, windmill wheel or wagon wheel for that matter.

    New contests appear but are actually another cog to match the existing ones not one which may offer a different gear change.

    Brass band 28/28:

    Towns and cities form brass bands for a one off competition.

    The players have to be from within 4 miles of the central location. Addresses checked and no transfers or International Rescue...

    One band from each location, villages within 4 miles of each other can join forces and collaborate.

    There is no restriction on brass instrumentation and recording/Cd players are allowed as well as keyboards.

    Players can play any amount of instruments on the stage.

    Each band will perform one piece of substantial length but not one used at a standard contest. Entertainment is the key word. Pieces can be comical or serious but have to be well played.

    The audience will have a 40% vote bias and adjudicators will have 60% in an open adjudication process.

    The event will take place in a semi of fully outdoor arena and will have activities for children and family, stalls from local farms etc and different types of refreshment tents from local breweries.

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    The main issue is that it only works where you have a high density of bands. In a lot of the country, brass bands are a lot more than 4 miles apart and trying to find more than 2 brass players in a 4 mile radius is a logistical nightmare. Trying to ensure those brass players are also not out on a job with their usual bands, on holiday, going shopping with the missus etc is even more of a nightmare.
    Existing bands may not be willing to let players (or their instruments) go out with the "local franchise band" and there is always a chance said local franchise band players may decide they prefer the franchise to their existing band. And how do you check addresses? Adults you could prove using things like driving licenses, but what about younger players?

    I'm not saying it wouldnt or couldnt work, but I think certain aspects - like a 4 mile radius rule - may be difficult. A variation (still using the "local co-op franchise" could be to have county boundaries instead (eg you had to live in Lancashire, West Yorks, Derbyshire)??
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    Yeah, the simple idea of a 4 mile radius would create some odd situations. Faireys could draw from half of Manchester, but I'm not sure Grimey and Carlton Main would be up for the collaborative enterprise involved...
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    Another interesting variant on that might be a 'State of Origin' contest. Whether it's some sort of County Championship, or based on regions or boroughs or something, I don't know, but the idea is that you can only play for whatever group it is if you were born in the area. Not your parents, or your grandparents, but you personally. Would be interesting to see if Yorks, Lancs and Greater Mcr are as strong without those who have moved into the areas for college and the big name bands based there. Maximum 56 players (so a double band), open adjudication, entertainment format, can play any brass instrument as suggested above and the adjudicators have to be from outside banding. Could maybe be held as a 'side-event' of a bigger event (for instance the Llangollen Eisteddfod, or the Yorkshire Show, or the Edinburgh Festival or something). Maybe also stipulate that 15% of the band must be under 18, or under 16 or something.
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    I stand up and applaud this gentleman.
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    I'd stick a few quid each-way on the 'Rest of the world' band.
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    "Traditional Lancashire/Yorkshire " or "Re-organised " after 1971 ? ( ducks......)
    Just asking!
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    Nice to see that you have thought about this and offered a clear and incisive opinion.
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    By far the ludicrous suggestion that I have ever seen. Utterly mad cap. I assume that this is a joke thread? Recap:

    A Brass Band competition that permits any instrument to be played, or a CD player. A CD player? A CD Player? A CD player?
    Registration officials checking the addresses of individuals to make sure they live where they do. You seriously wrote that?
    A restriction of 4 miles for players residence, therefore restricting most of rural Uk.
    The only possible response from anyone that is sane, is to say that this is ludicrous.