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    Hi all just getting peoples options on the decision to make Brass at the guild a set test piece contest of either butlins or area pieces.I feel this decision restricts bands choices at a well supported contest.The following stats seem to support this.2011 : 39 entered ,15 played area test piece, 0 butlins2012 : 31 entered, 14 played area test piece, 0 butlins What do people think ?
  2. kennywenny

    kennywenny Member

    I'm personally dissapointed the format has been changed and now shall not be entering the competition.
    I really can't understand why they have changed it to a set test piece competition .....


    Thanks for that Kenny, whilst i can't speak for my band as a whole, the thought of playing the area test piece for 10 weeks doesn't appeal to me.What is wrong with keeping it own choice and if you wish to play area/buytlins piece it's your choice
  4. kennywenny

    kennywenny Member

    Anyone know of an own choice contest around the same time as Preston :D
  5. LittleEuph

    LittleEuph Member

    I thought this was a strange decision. I don't understand how restricting the choice of piece is going to encourage more bands to attend (which seems to be the justification for the change). It will be interesting to see whether numbers go up or down as a result.
  6. boourns

    boourns Member

    There's an element of swings and roundabouts to this. In the past there has been a perception that playing the Area piece at Preston is not looked on favourably by the adjudicators, although I've no idea if the results bear this out (sounds like a project for MoominDave! :)). So whilst I'm sure there are bands who will now not enter due do the new restrictions, I'm equally sure there are others who won't have an own choice piece up their sleeve, and will welcome this implicit endorsement of Preston as a 'mock Area'.


    I take your point but from an audience point of view.if someone wanted to listen to the area pieces they would go to the "areas" . I feel this decision de-values what is a very good contest from a playing and listening point of view
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    I conducted there a few times and always made an effort NOT to pick thearea piece, so as to prevent the band getting bored silly. Seems a backward step to me. I've heard some great top section own choices there over the years - I heard New Jerusalem for the first time in ages a few years back. I know there's been a perception that bands are slightly penalised by adjudicators for using the contest as a "dry run" for the area, but I'm not sure how much truth there is in that. Most reputable adjudicators are just looking for the best performance on the day. If that's the concern, surely it would be easier to issue a public guidance to adjudicators that bands should not be penalised for playing their area piece/Butlins piece, and leave it at that?

    That said, we weren't going anyway, so I guess it doesn't affect me - just seems a shame to fix something that didn't appear to be broken.
  9. t-horn77

    t-horn77 New Member

    Not sure how your logic stacks up here

    2011: 39 bands of which 15 played area piece = 38% of bands chose to play the area piece
    2012 31 bands of which 14 played area peice = 45% therefore as % more bands choose to play the area test piece.

    I think what is more key is that very good contest survives and a approx. 20% drop on competing bands is much more of a concern to the orgainisers and therefore why not try and encourage more bands by making it a set peice(s)
    This may encourage some of the bands who stopped entering this contest to return and also make it a more appealing contest to bands from outside the North West Area.


    Hi t-horn thanks for the reply ,i've done the maths as well and 0% of bands played the butlins piece so why make that one of the restrictions.As for the 20% drop in entries i would think this has more to do with the northwest area being only 3 weeks later. The idea of making brass at the guild an area pre run was first spoken about at the nwcbba agm 2 years ago when the nw areas was moved, which makes this decision more baffling as the nw area has now been moved back to it's original date 5 weeks after brass at the guild.
  11. t-horn77

    t-horn77 New Member

    I agree adding the Butlins peice is an interesting tact.
    And fair point about the NW area - but as for appealing to the wider banding movement I think it could be a smart move by Brass at the Guild.

    Compared to other pre-area contests around its could make a very good contest

    (admitrtedly I do have a personal agenda as I can try and sell the idea to my band and therefore head up t'up north back home for the weekend!)
  12. DannyBrooks1982

    DannyBrooks1982 New Member

    Disappointed!!!!!!!!!! Obviously to have the own choice of piece removed is upsetting because now we either have to spend 10 weeks on the area piece. Or buy and perform the Butlins piece! Just like to add that under the old rules either of these pieces could have been played anyway. The only thing making these compulsory has achieved is removed the excitement of hearing many different pieces. Will still be going but will definitely not be watching anyone! Plus on the flip side good bands won't want to play the same piece for 10 weeks (which will put them off entering) and now good First section bands can't have a crack at the big boys! I can see some of the points people made, but as a conductor looking forward to preparing a different piece, I am very downhearted.
  13. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Given this year's choice of Hollywood for my section, I really do not want to be playing that piece as a contest piece for 10 weeks. I like it as a concert piece, but no, this is not good. We don't do Butlins, so I've no idea even what the test piece is. That might be an option for Preston but it's up to Matt to decide that one.
  14. The Dragon

    The Dragon New Member

    I also thought this a backward step. Have been to the contest the last couple of years and not played the area piece or the Butlin's piece for the same reasons as already listed.
    Surely as an own choice contest, the bands entering are at liberty to choose to play the area/Butlin's piece anyway?
    Why restrict all the bands that would like to attend such a well run, own choice contest?

    Surely a competent MD will choose a piece which will challenge her/his band's unique blend of players, whilst featuring the bands strengths (and trying to hide the weaknesses!!) - I'm not sure that the choice of 2 pieces for each section will fit that model.

    I wish the organisers well, and hope the contest is a success.
    For me, the chance of hearing potentially 20 or 25 different pieces is far more appealing than a maximum of 10 pre-selected pieces which will be played many, many times in the first quarter of 2013.

  15. Bonjour_Laura

    Bonjour_Laura Member

    But, if you play the Areas test piece at Preston, you're in effect getting a cheat sheet of what you can improve on and do better at the Areas Contest? You've got 6 weeks to improve and develop the piece after being adjudicated. I think it's a cracking idea.
  16. casanova

    casanova Member

    Whos to say that what the preston judge will want the same things as the areas? They invariably dont. Also spending that amount of time on a test piece is a royal pain in the ****.
  17. Bonjour_Laura

    Bonjour_Laura Member

    Probably wouldn't be as bad if the Areas was last weekend in February
  18. casanova

    casanova Member

    It wouldnt be as bad if preston just let u play your own choice test piece, which is much easier to sort out. Its a poor decision if u ask me.
  19. ringa

    ringa Member

    Not Really Laura. the adjudicator may love the interpretation at Preston & the Area adjudicators may dislike the same piece played in exactly the same way
  20. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Been there, done that! :cry:

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