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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Tubah, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    In a similar vein to the "HBOS" thread, anybody out there work for Nestle? I do realise that that is a very wide group of companies both in the UK and worldwide. But if anyone out there has taken the Swiss shilling and is fortunate enough to get time to pursue a hobby outside work, post on here. I guess there will be some at York, in fact its not that long ago that Nestle sponsored the "Rowntree" band in York. I am equally positive that there will be others dotted all over the world.

    Myself, I am employed in the metropolis of Dalston UK making Cappuccino.

    I am willing to go anywhere in the world for a sponsored get together of Nestle Hornblowers. You never know we may even be able to put a show on somewhere exotic, if we can get the time off!!!

  2. millie6589

    millie6589 Member

    And then dropped sponsorship not long after that, so we are now The Shepherd Group Brass Band, Rowntrees/Nestle Band does not exist anymore in York!
  3. andy;-)

    andy;-) Member

    I'm in York at the PTC ..... prefer to play with Chocolate!! So we now have a duo!!
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