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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Backrowmike, Apr 4, 2010.

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    On Easter Saturday I spent an enjoyable day with seven members of Stacksteads Band playing for the Britannia Coconut dancers as they danced along a traditional route, from boundary to boundary in Bacup. Our marching marathon started a 9am and finished at 7.30pm. The Coconutters stop at each pub in the town along the route where the band plays for their various garland dances, then they dance along the streets with their Nut Dance as the band marches and plays for them. I was wondering if any other bands have playing relationship with their local morris troupes?
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    Two of the most traditional music forms of England combining - a great idea.
    Out of interest, what music did you play? The majority of Morris tunes are very traditional and I have often wondered how they might mix with brass.

    (please note - for those people who know me - I DO NOT MORRIS DANCE, my Dad plays recorder/whistle for a Morris team)
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    When we (Coventry Festival Band) visited Caens in Normandy as part of a twin-town visit we were accompanied by a school morris dance group and an adult basket-ball team. It might seem an odd combination but it worked very well, with joint activities between our band and the local "fanfare" (70+ players to our 25!) and French folk dancers joining the morris-men, although they provided their own accompaniment.
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    Boarshurst Band and the Saddleworth Morris Men have done a concert and dance at the Boarshurst Band Club every Maundy Thursday for the past umpteen years. It is done to celebrate the Road End Fair in Greenfield. As well as the Saddleworth Folk Festival every June, that's held in Uppermill.
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    We walk to a tune called Tip Toe Polka, the garland dances are simply numbered Garlands 1 -5.
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    I played with the Britannia Coconutters at The Saddleworth Rush Cart Weekend last year. A good day out. :)

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