Brass Alive - Stannington to do the rounds

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    Stannington Brass Band will be playing a few bars (of music that is) for Brass Alive.

    Brass band music is alive and well and coming to you from Stannington! On Sunday 22 May Stannington Brass Band will be treating villagers and visitors to al fresco performances at various locations around the village.

    Starting at 7.30pm outside the Crown and Glove (Top House) the band will play a number of pieces before moving down the hill to the Rose and Crown (Minnies), the Peacock, Manor House, Stannington Road shops and finally, the Sportsman.

    In the event of bad weather, the event will take place at 7.30pm at the Malin Bridge Sports and Social Club, Stannington Road where the band will hold an open rehearsal.

    The event is taking place as part of a national endeavour from 20-29 May 2005 to raise awareness and support of brass bands throughout the country and to ensure the continuance of a great tradition of music making.

    Anyone interested in finding out more about Stannington Brass Band can contact the website

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