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    I am pleased to say

    BRASS 2009

    4th -19th July

    Is now in the planning!

    Do you want to be part of it this year?

    Mnozil will be there again

    We hope two of the top five Brass Bands


    Dirty Dozen Brass Band

    Global Kryner

    Local Durham Bands are all of course invited to be involved in the festival.

    The Amazing Historic Durham Miners Gala (is it the 125th year next year?) If so don't miss it!

    Reduced price accomodation for bands playing during the Festival

    Opportunities to play

    Two contests

    All typs of Brass invited

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    BRASS 2009 check it out for a visit

    I do not wish to go on but just want to give those that may be interested a chance to see what's on. A full two weeks of Brass related events and concerts.

    If that is you then check the website

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    Sorry but....

    I have just checked the BRASS website and the programme is not up yet so while you wait check the Mnozil in the UK thread as some of the dates are in there.

    or email and ask for a programme to be sent to you.