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  1. youngblood

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    OK so BRASS 2008 still has a week to run in Durham and what a week it is, yet 2009 is only a year away and Mnozil, Grimethorpe, and Reg Vardy are already booked but who would you like to see in 2009

    Take a look at the website get an idea of the event and have a go at programming the Festival youself.

    Who is brave enough to try and come up with the best international programme? Everyone likes to knock the programming of events either too extreme or too traditional dare you put your choice in the lime light? It is not as easy as it looks I have been told!

    Saturday 4th July Streets of Brass (day) -Reg Vardy Band (evening)
    Sunday 5th Teesdale Brass Contest (day) ? (evening)

    Saturday 11th July Miners Gala
    Sunday 12th July - Mnozil Brass

    Saturday 18th July - Grimethorpe Colliery Band
    Sunday 19th DBBA Entertainment Contest

    What new event would you suggest to attract a non brass band audience to see brass bands?

    Concerts and Castles?
    Balloons and Brass?

    Over to you!

  2. Lauradoll

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    Get Hypnotic Brass back again, they were fantastic. What about Bones Apart trombone quartet?
  3. Di B

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    Although I wouldn't like it myself an orchestra of brass may attract non-banding folk as orchestras tend to be more popular.

    Also with the number of stars interested in bands it would be good to see if any could sing accompanied by a band. I'd pay to see zak dingle sing :)

    Put one of these near the beginning and you may get people also attending the later events.
  4. Bandstand

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    A military band is a must for next year.
  5. youngblood

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    They are thinking of bringing Hypnotic back they also did some brill free school kworkshops with teenagers getting so much from them this year but as always take up from schools was not all that good but where schools did it was amazing brass don't come much cooler than these guys!

    Did you notice the age of the audience everything 8years - 89years and all dancing (well giving it a go) it was amazing seeing kids with tatoos, hoodies and studs in their faces dancing alongside residents from an older persons care home who they had never met before the people in there 80s were not intimidated by them and the young people there respected the old people. People dancing on the pews I supose it was just another typical brass concert but a good one.

    A simular thing happened on Friday when Bellowhead played what a great night!

    It is good to see people made aware of the role and importance of brass playing in all sorts of music.

    I did not go to Soweto Kinch last night but will be at the CDBBA Entertainment Contest which BRASS funds and then at the Youngblood concert tonight, shame it will then all be over for another year.

    At least I can say I have done my bit to help promote brass playing, even if it was just by attended the best mix of brass music to be found anywhere! I seen some stunning playing from Canadian Brass, & Joe Murphy (great tuba playing) to Brighouse and Rastrick and Hypnotic Brass.

    I have missed some too but at least I did not sit at home and let it pass me by great stuff and if it happens again next year I will be there!

    I am delighted Mnozil will be back and Grimethorpe and Reg Vardy for next year, I hope they get Black Dyke in 2010 if they get Hypnotic and Jaipur Kawa back too that will be great, I am amazed however that there has not been a flood of ideas how many festivals jive you a chance to imput what/who would you like to see? Still they ain't done bad so far!

    Fingers crossed for another great year, next year!
  6. youngblood

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    Great Idea!

    They should do that, when in the programme would be good?

    Evening or weekend? Indoor or outdoor?

    What band would you like to see?

    It has been missed off the programme so far so I am sure they will try and put it on next year now it has been suggested I will email it on to them.
  7. Bandstand

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    A concert at the Gala and a show on Palace Green.
    I saw the DLI (Burma) Band perform on Palace Green - The Cathedral is a magnificent backdrop to any performance.
    I'll be at the Youngblood concert tonight - may get a chance to talk.
  8. youngblood

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    Darlington Band the 'Hornosexuals' will be playing at the end of the Youngblood Concert!

    The band is made up of young brass band players doing their own thing as well as banding.

    Hope you have a great time!

    I will!
  9. Accidental

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    Why? Which bits of clarinets and flutes are made of brass? The British Army Brass Band have got the right idea! ;)

    If you want to attract non-banders, how about more ensembles using things like trumpets and *shudders* french horns - PJBE, Brazz Brothers (if they're still going?), LSO brass; or jazz groups, or 'classical' soloists?
  10. steve butler

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    I've sat in a couple of times with the YEP "brass ensemble" and loved sitting next to the french horn player, its a real "different" experience to playing with a band. Did help that the hornist is and excellent player with a lovely sound. Also the use of trumpets gives certain pieces a more authentic sound.
    I found the ensemble playing really stretches me as a player, being the sole bassist which is great because you have control and reesponsibility for the foundation of the ensemble. Thoroughly reccomend it to any tuba players, or indeed any brass players!
  11. Bandstand

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    Durham International Brass Festival is a sixteen-day festival aiming to cover many types of brass NOT just brass bands. Obviously brass bands are the main feature, but all kinds of brass groups from around the World are involved. There are lots of free shows with bands and groups playing in the street and also at unusual places e.g. Durham Railway Station at morning and evening rush hours. The performers also visit schools and community centres.

    To have a festival celebrating the world of brass without a military band ignores the roots of banding. Military bands led the way and community brass bands grew up in the wake of military bands.

    We are also urging the organisers to have some form of youth brass band involvement, whether it be a contest or concert/s.

    Brass 2008 had some terrific shows including the only concert in the UK this year by Canadian Brass. Neil Hillier and his team at Durham County Council deserve hearty congratulations. I look forward to a spectacular third Brass Festival next July.

    Check out the website -
  12. Accidental

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    Apologies if this seems a bit picky Bandstand, but aren't you contradicting your own arguments?
    Agreed. that's why I suggested things like french horns, jazz, classical...
    but didn't you just say its NOT all about brass bands? And its a celebration not a history lesson, so why introduce a load of non-brass instruments just because they have a link with brass bands' roots? :confused:
  13. WhatSharp?

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    To be fair, the organisers contacted me to see whether my ensemble could do it as a "street band", alas it's a bit of a trek for us. Would have been great fun though. I'm pretty sure that we weren't the only ones and I get the impression that more goes on outside of the actual concerts ( which is where we would have been playing... we're not exactly what you'd call 'top billing' :D ).