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    BRASS: Durham International Festival is back and planning has started for BRASS 2008. July 5th - 20th

    Last years event was a great success with good audiences and amazing music and such fun!

    So a 'Big Up' for all those that attended concerts by the Fairey Band, Mnozil, YBS, Dennis Rollings, the Brazz Brothers, Boban Markovic and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band to name but a few!

    My friends and I had a wonderful time at BRASS last year with over 2,000 brass players taking part and bands from 10 countries and 4 continents, how could it not be fun! This year it looks set to be even better, the alway super Brighouse will be opening the Festival and already plans are being developed to involve local bands and top international talent.

    BRASS includes and supports the Teesdale and Durham Contests and the famous Durham Miners Gala.

    Keeping brass bands and brass playing at the heart of our communities is one of the aims of BRASS and supporting these great events is just one way of helping that happen.

    If you or your band would like more information or wish to join over 2,000 brass players from all over the world and come to, or play at BRASS 2008 then email

    BRASS is all about supporting brass playing, shairing and learning new skills, meeting and making friends and having a blast! Two weeks of brass, who could ask for more!

    I am aware that BRASS may not be traditional enough for some of the 'Old School' banders but like brass bands, brass events have to attract, entertain and develop new audiences. Our existing top events are almost closed shops to the existing brass band world and there is space for something a bit different, an event that is not just stonking fun for band members but also a showcase event. So come on let's all have a great time even the most traditional of us and share the wonder that is Brass with everyone, it is going to be a blast in Durham this Summer! I do hope you will join me and the rest of the crowd for a great time we all will be pleased to see you and I hope even hear you play.

    Brassy Boy
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    you mean after a great 2007 i presume?
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    title corrected...
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    Bands interested in

    BRASS 2008

    The BRASS: Durham International Festival............ is aiming to give brass playing a high profile and it is keen to work with brass bands to really show non-banders how enjoyable brass playing and listening to brass bands can be.

    Major band events are aimed at brass band members but we are aiming at the non playing public as well as brass players from across the world!

    Yes in the brass band world we have our existing events and we love them but increasingly they are fail to get into the public eye and do not have the broad appeal needed. It is about time brass music had a high profile event to match other big events in the folk. jazz, classical and pop worlds to win new audiences and players.

    Brass is crucial to all these music forms but is as they say 'always the bridesmaid and never the bride.' With BRASS we have a showcase, raising the profile of brass playing to everyone.

    Last year saw the first BRASS and it attracted international press in music magazines. 2,500+ brass players and over 28,000 audience were at brass not including those that attended the Durham Miners Gala that was also supported by BRASS last year. So we are off to a good start.

    Bands came from 10 countries and four continents and we shared skills, ways of playing, music and even the odd pint!

    BRASS also supported the CDBBA Entertainment Contest and the Teesdale brass contest and brass workshops with over 1,000 school children. It supported and subsidised concerts by Mnozil and the Brazz Brothers, the YBS and the Fairey Band last year.

    Bands from abroad are already let the festival know they are flying across at their own expense to play at the festival which is great news and we are sure to make our fellow brass players from across the seas most welcome.

    This year the festival wish to build upon there success and have even more events and bands playing so if you want a sunmmer band trip why not come to BRASS join in the fun, play, meet other brass players and support this great new event. You could even march in the Miners Gala, have a laugh, a tune and a pint and become part of this great historic event. There are now more banners than bands so you will be welcome I am sure.

    To local North East bands: why not twin up with bands and invite them to this event to play alongside you.

    I believe that BRASS BAND AID is to recieve a contribution for every local County Durham band that holds an event at the festival in a new and interesting venue within the county.

    PS: there is a £250 prize for the band that finds and performs at the most interesting/amazing/entertaning new venue!

    Any way I have gone on enough, as you can tell I am well into the festival and hope you will be too! It is great fun and well worth being at or even playing at!

    Dates July 5th -20th

    Check it out

    To contact the festival organisers email

    All the Best

    Brassy boy

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    Brighouse's Durham tickets go on sale

    BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK BRASS BAND - Gala Theatre, Durham, Saturday 5th July

    Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band [5 July / £10 full & £8 concs, 7.30pm]

    Kindly supported by Durham County Council,

    TICKETS are on sale NOW from the Gala Theatre, Durham Box Office - people can book by calling +44 (0) 191 332 4041, or online via alternatively by simply visiting the Gala Theatre in Durham City centre [Box Office address: Gala Theatre, Millennium Place, Durham, County Durham, DH1 1WA]

    Perform a wonderful traditional brass programme for a great night of the highest quality entertainment!
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    Hypnotic Brass to play at BRASS 2008

    Many brass band players are also jazz fans and Brass is pleased to say it is in talks with Hypnotic Brass and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (New Orleans all time greats the cream of New O's bands)

    It is going to be a great year why not join us and play at the festival!

    We would love more traditional bands to become involved!


    Durham, Friday 18th July [Bellowhead look to repeat their near sell out performance from last year’s festival... book your tickets fast, don’t miss out!]

    Award winning British Jazz alto saxophonist SOWETO KINCH - Gala Theatre, Durham, Saturday 19th July

    The world famous BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK BRASS BAND - Gala Theatre, Durham, Saturday 5th July

    Ticket details: Bellowhead [18 July / £16 full & £12 concs, 7.30pm] / Soweto Kinch [19 July / £15 full & £13 concs, 7.30pm] and Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band [5 July / £10 full & £8 concs, 7.30pm]

    BRASS 08 is kindly supported by Durham County Council,

    TICKETS are on sale NOW from the Gala Theatre, Durham Box Office - people can book by calling +44 (0) 191 332 4041, or online via alternatively by simply visiting the Gala Theatre in Durham City centre [Box Office address: Gala Theatre, Millennium Place, Durham, County Durham, DH1 1WA]

    Will keep you posted of acts as they are booked!

    Brassy Boy
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  8. brassyboy

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    Youngblood Brass Band + Hypnotic Brass

    Just thought I would let you know that BRASS has just booked the Youngblood Brass Band and confirmed Hypnotic Brass for BRASS 2008.
    Brighouse & Rastrick are as you know already in and there is also the Teesdale Contest and the Durham Entertainment Contest. Loads of other brassy stuff happening over the two weeks, it is gona b a Blast!

    Check out the myspace site:

    Full info &tickets on: (goes live next week)

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    why spend money on instruments when ...

    He is even playing/performing at BRASS this year!

    Have a listen to hear him play. A very funny man and a good night out... but expert brass critics what do you think?

    No need for instruments or cases just take your mouth along, and you do that any way!


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    Youngblood Brass Band are playing at Lovebox too... get in there!! :cool:
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    CANADIAN BRASS UK Date, keep an eye on this thread

    We have just booked the amazing Canadian Brass!

    If you want to know date please keep an eye on this thread as we have yet to firm up times. You can also keep an eye on the website where when we are ready tickets will go on sale.

    Sorry that you have to find the details of each individual event in the 'BRASS' thread rather than I promote them individualy in their own threads. It seems a pain I know and much harder to keep track but that's the way it is.

    I suppose there is just so much going on!

    It sure is a busy two weeks!

    As I said keep an eye on this thread.


    Top Jazz Tuba player Joe Murphy from the USA is also about to join in the BRASS fun too! They are sorting flights now!
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    Something for the weekend sir? & what a weekend it is!

    Weekend of Events on 05/06 - 07 - 2008

    Streets of BRASS
    Date: 05/06-07-2008
    Time: 11:00:00 - 16:30:00
    Venue: Durham City
    Price: Free
    The world of brass music on every street corner! Catch some of the most exciting and energetic bands from the Europe, India, America, Australia and of course traditional British brass bands!

    Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band
    Date: 06-07-2008
    Time: 19:30:00
    Venue: Gala Theatre
    Price: £10.00 (£8 Concession)

    The Brighouse and Rastrick Band is regarded by many as the best and most consistent 'public subscription band' in the world. In its time the majority of premier band championships have been held by 'B

    Pre event performance BRASS performance in the Foyer 18:30:00 - 19:15:00

    Teesdale Brass Band Contest
    Date: 06-07-2008
    Time: 10:00:00
    Venue: Bowes Museum
    Price: Free

    Enjoy the passion and joy of local brass bands performing in the spectacular setting of Bowes Museum


    Durham Constabulary Brass Band
    Date: 06-07-2008
    Time: 14:30:00
    Venue: DLI Museum and Art Gallery
    Price: Free

    For many years now it has been the policy of Durham Constabulary to promote and enhance relations within the Community.

    Not a bad weekend all told!
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    Joe Murphy & The Loud Horns Concert

    Joe Murphy and the Loud Horns will be playing at BRASS!

    Great stuff Jazz tuba at its best!

    Only UK Gigs in 2008 will be at BRASS

    Well worth a trip to see + a free short lunchtime concert too.

    Check the brass website for details!
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    Well this is the last post from Brassyboy.

    I do not feel that there is actually any point in posting again to be honest, so I will smile and wish you all well.

    Have fun you lot and enjoy your playing I believe it is important that brass bands keep on playing attract new audiences and have a chance of a bright future, so best of luck.

    I hope that one or two of you may attend events at BRASS which I believe is a valuable event bringing inspiring acts like Mnozil, Canadian Brass, Brazz Brothers etc putting on concerts by the Fairey Band, YBS, Brighouse and Rastrick etc, funding the CDBBA contest and the Teesdale Contest. Running brass workshops, placing brass bands in new environments that brings them to a whole new audience.

    It may not be all traditional brass but then it is still good to see quality playing in any form. It is also good that it draws new people into see traditional bands rather than just playing to our own kind all the time. I hope it might inspire young people to take up brass playing and then they may move towards our traditional bands as they start to value the quality of playing we provide.

    Who knows I may see one or two of you there, I do hope so.

    Bye and keep on blowing!

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    Great lets put BRASS on the map!

    Well what a great line up!

    About time something was done about getting brass bands to new audiences! How many times have I heard the said " how do you attract new audiences to brass bands" well here is one answer!

    I bet there are still those out there who can't see the benefit of bringing different styles of music together. There will be those who feel they can learn nothing from non-brass band players but truth be told if brass bands are to have a future they have to do something to get new audiences and raise their profile. Placing them in an international context alongside jazz funk classical does just that.

    It is also important if brass bands are going to attract funding from regional agencies and ACE etc then they have to show that they can support regional agendas.

    That said the best thing about BRASS is the quality and diversity of the acts and the fun that they give to people who may never think of brass being for them.

    We have to support this event and any that brings inspiring acts like Mnozil, Brazz Brothers, Boban Markovik, Canadian Brass, Joe Murphy to this country and subsidises events by Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band, the Fairey Band, YBS and two comp's.

    So lets get along there and take advantage of what it has to offer and also have a great time!
  16. youngblood

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    The full programme has now been updated on the festival website and confirmation that the Ohio Brass Band will be supporting the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band on Saturday. Also included on the programme now are the concerts in Easington, Derwentside, Chester le Street and Wear Valley.

    Do have a look and I hope you get enjoy some of the events as it is not every day you get to see like Canadian Brass!

  17. youngblood

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    Canadian Brass = Wonderful!

    Well what can I say yet another great event, what a night Canadian Brass are hard to beat!

    I have seen some great stuff at BRASS, Mnozil, Brass Brothers, Boban Markovic and not to mention the Fairey Band, Brighouse and Rastrick, YBS and still I am amazed.

    Now I have seen Canadian Brass here in the North East of England and it is GREAT!

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