brand new mouthpieces, mute & Ultrapure oils/lube

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    Hi Folks,

    The below items a brand new, the reason to sell them is that I closed down my brass retail company and want to get some cash for my move to London. I can bring with me the mouthpieces and the mute with me on the plane in 2 weeks and ship them to you from London, but the oils/lubes will have to be shipped from Bulgaria.

    Trumpet mouthpieces (all silver plated):

    1. Denis Wick MM 1.5C - £35
    2. Denis Wick 1C - £30
    3. Vincent Bach 3 - £35
    4. Vincent Bach 3C - £35 (2 items available)
    5. Vincent Bach 1 1/2C - £35 (2 items available)
    6. Denis Wick Aluminum Trumpet Mute - £17
    7. Ultra pure synthetic valve Oil - £3.50 (150 items available)
    8. Ultra pure light slide lube - £2.50 (12 items available)

    Further discounts can be made for buying multiple items. Price doesn't include shipping expenses.
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    All Trumpet mouthpieces - SOLD

    Ultra pure valve oil- price DISCOUNTED to £ 2.50/bottle or £ 2/bottle if you buy 10 items or more
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    40 bottles of oils were shipped from Bulgaria and due to arrive at the end of next week, which means that you won't have to wait or pay for international shipping. if you have any questions, just call me on 07572637485

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