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  1. Valvecap

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    Im trying to track down a computerised, non-handwritten copy of this awsome march - Ive ordered it twice from two different suppliers who then send me extracts from a 3 year olds colouring book - unreadable copies - does anyone out there know if it has indeed been computerised / Sibiliusised / written in English?! ;)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dizzy068

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    We have a set published by Novello, distrubuted by Studio Music ISMN M-050-04546-5

    I can only vouch for the Euph part which is pretty clear!
  3. Valvecap

    Valvecap Member

    How good are you!!!!! Ordered and in the post as we speak! - Cheers Dizzy!
  4. BryonySnell

    BryonySnell Member

    Great march

    It was actually written for the City of Exeter Railway Band and we put it on one of our recordings recently!

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