Bram Tovey to conduct 'Clarence Adoo Brass Band' AGAIN!

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    The Clarence Adoo Brass Band is getting together for the fourth time to give a concert to raise funds for the Clarence Adoo Trust.

    The concert is being given at The Salvation Army, Palmerstone Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, BH1 4HP on Saturday 24th June at 7pm and is being hosted by Boscombe Salvation Army Young People's Corps.

    We are delighted that, once again, Bramwell Tovey is making a trip to the UK especially to conduct the concert. The Principal Cornet player will be freelance trumpeter Paul Archibald who will also give some trumpet solos.

    The band is made up of professional and Salvationist brass players who have worked and played alongside Clarence over the years.
    In addition to Paul Archibald, other professional players will include Dudley Bright (trombone), Patrick Harrild (tuba), Jonathan Bareham (horn) and Derek Bishop (bass trombone).
    Salvationist players will include current ISB members (Alan Losh, Iain Parkhouse, Howard Bowes and Carl Woodman), former ISB members (Graham Lawrence, Trevor Caffull and Stephen Yalden) and tMP's own johnflugel.

    Tickets £6 (Balcony Reserved) and £4 (Downstairs Un-Reserved) are now available from John Starkes at

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  2. PeterBale

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    Looks to be another great evening, Carl. Unfortunately our songsters are doing an open-air concert with Maidstone Band that evening, so I can't make it this time. :(
  3. carlwoodman

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    Details of the music to be played has now been finalised;
    Laudes Domini (William Gordon)
    From Earth's Confusion (Trevor Davis)
    The Call of the Righteous (Leslie Condon)
    Jubilance for Cornet and Band (William Himes)
    Fantasia for Piano and Band on 'Christ is the Answer' (Ray Steadman-Allen) soloist; Bramwell Tovey
    The Great Salvation War (James Curnow)
    The Better World (Norman Bearcroft) soloist; John Starkes
    The Greatest of These (Dudley Bright)
    The Present Age (Leslie Condon)
    Cobham Hall (Norman Bearcroft)

    Unfortunately, Paul Archibald is unable to be present due to having to fulfill a commitment to the London Mozart Players. However, we are delighted that Stephen Wilkinson has agreed to travel all the way from Manchester to be 'end chair'. Many thanks, Stephen.

    We are hoping that Dudley Bright will be in the audience following major heart surgery although disappointed that he won't be able to play. However, in his place will be Paul Woodward (Castleford SA and Co-Principal Trombone, Black Dyke Band) and Nathan Jenkins (Principal Trombone, Polysteel Band).

    Once again, it has been a real pleasure in putting this band together and I'm really pleased to welcome former Sun Life solo horn Phil Randell to the band on this occasion.

    The balcony tickets have now sold out but downstairs seats are still available from John Starkes,
  4. PeterBale

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    Looks to be another good programme, only sorry I can't be there - especially good to see "Christ is the Answer" getting another airing. You just need to try and persuade him to get the band to tune to the piano properly before the start of the programme to avoid people having to adjust to a new tuning half way through !
  5. skippy

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    Should be a top do folks and the money to be raised is so important, bring it on. Skippy prince perc Black Dyke and good friend of most taking part.
  6. carlwoodman

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    Skippy, you'll be pleased to know that over £2000 was raised at the concert on Saturday. Sorry you couldn't be there due to the Black Dyke concert in Buxton on the same night.
    Our concert was an incredible event and the Clarence Adoo Brass Band was simply awesome.
    There were so many highlights that I could end up listing every item. However, I do want to mention an 'unsung hero' in Nigel Bishop who spent hours and hours preparing multi-media slides and video clips. Although I didn't get to see most of them as I was trying to play BBb Bass at the time, what I saw was of great quality and this was endorsed by comments from many in the audience.

    Many thanks to our friends in Boscombe who hosted the evening and provided meals to the band.
  7. bassbone

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    I would just like to add my congratulations to Nigel Bishop. His work was a perfect example of subtle enhancement to a fantastic concert.

    Just by having a scrolling list of the band personnell as they took the stage made me feel instantly connected.

    I would also like to mention the Young People's Corps band and choir. Great contribution from both (especially the bands' new conductor!)
  8. carlwoodman

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    Thank you for supporting the Clarence Adoo Trust by coming to the concert, glad you enjoyed the night. Once Bram has finished his series of concerts with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra next week, we'll be in contact to try to find a date for the next concert.
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    This concert was recorded by James Lawrence (then of B&H Sound but now training as a military musician in the RAF) and a CD recording is now available. James described the concert as possibly the best brass band concert he'd ever been to! Don't take his word for it, listen for yourself!

    The CD is priced at only £10 plus 95p post and packing for the UK.
    If you want to pay by cheque, please make it payable to Alvin Allison and post it to him at: 41 Chatsworth Avenue, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1ED.
    If you want to pay by PayPal, send a PM to me with your email address and I will send you a PayPal invoice for £10.95 for UK delivery.
    (Overseas postage rates available on request.)

    Fantasia for Piano and Band is not on the CD as the intention is to include it on the next Clarence Adoo's World of Brass CD which is in a planning stage. The encore, Cobham Hall, didn't make it either, sorry.

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