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    Last week I was responsible for organising a team event with work and as part of this event I devised a quiz.

    It went down well, so I thought I would see how you lot fared! :)

    There is one catch - if you are going to do it properly, you are NOT allowed to use the internet or reference books - just your brain! (You can work in groups though)

    Don't post the answers on here as it will ruin it for others - I will post them all on the 10th June for you.

    If you want your answers marking then send me a PM! :) I will only mark those who followed the rules!
    Glory awaits anyone who scores over 31 out of 40 (which was earned by one of our executives)

    Mods - not sure if this is the best way to display this quiz - if you come up with a better way please amend this post. Thanks


    Quiztime Questions

    1.Can a man marry his widow's half-sister?
    2.Who is Norville Rogers?
    3.What do these Shakespeare plays have in common?... Julius Caesar, Richard III, Hamlet, Macbeth.
    4.What is deoxyribonucleic acid?
    5.A father took his son to hospital for emergency treatment after an accident. The doctor greeted them, but on seeing the boy, exclaimed, "I can't operate on him - he's my son!" How can this be? (The son was not adopted, nor a step-son.)
    6.What's special about these sets of letters: SA - DK - XLNC - NV - NME - FND - XPDNC?
    7.A bucket and spade together cost £25.50. The spade costs £20 more than the bucket. What is the price of each?
    8.The drummer with little known 1960's high school rock group the Iguanas became which music and style icon?
    9.How did the TVR sports car firm get its name?
    10.What politician, noted for his wit, when told that his trouser fly was open said, "Dead birds don't fall out of their nests..." ?
    11.A maritime poser: Homo-Sapien ÷ Rent = ?
    12.What twelve animals feature in Chinese astrology?
    13.These very old iconic symbols were responsible for what modern system? - the moon, the sun, the planet Saturn, and the Anglo-Saxon gods: Thor, Tiw, Woden, and his wife Frig.
    14.A new street is built with one hundred new houses, numbered 1 to 100. How many number 9's are required to number all the houses?
    15.What is it?: the people who make it don't want it, the people who buy it don't use it and the people who use it don't know
    16.A pair of red shoes were sold at auction in 1988 for £90,000. What made them special?
    17. The first Englishman to be killed in a plane crash had another claim to fame, what was it?
    18. Why was Dr Who's 'Tardis' so called?
    19.Who was Lady Creighton-Ward?
    20.What is 'trichlorophenylmethyliodisalicyl' more commonly known as?
    21.What 15-letter word contains the letter 'E' five times and no other vowels?
    22.How many of the novels can you name in which these characters appear?

    Scarlet O'Hara
    Phineas Fogg
    Jim Hawkins
    Lemuel Gulliver
    Randall McMurphy

    All questions are worth 1 point except Q12 (12 points) ans Q22 (8 points)
  2. lynchie

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    Think I got about 20 odd... not too good on my history I'm afraid.
  3. yonhee

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    I answered like two of the questions!
  4. HBB

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  5. Di B

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    Sterlingsop has got 38 out of 40 and has proved themselves to be invaluable in any pub quiz!

    Contgratulations! I wonder if anyone can now get more than that?

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