Bradwell SIlver announce the passing of Graham Huckle

Discussion in 'Obituaries' started by akwarose, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Milton Keynes
    It is with great sadness that Bradwell Silver Band announce the untimely passing of one of our longest serving players, Graham Huckle. Graham passed away at his home, aged 42, following an epilietic seizure.
    Graham learnt to play with Bradwell, along with his brother David, and has been with the band for many years. He was the sort of player every band needs, always willing to move his commitments to attend band functions and jobs and willing to move seats when asked. He has also helped many juniors progress opver the years with his work in the Development band.
    He will be sorely missed by all who knew him and the bandroom will be a little quieter and a little less cheerful without his quirky sense of humour.
    The funeral will take place at St James Church, New Bradwell on Tues 22nd April at 10am.
    For more info from the band please contact Secretary Robin Allen on 01908 616463
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    Graham Huckle

    Both Catherine & I were shocked and saddened on receiving the news that Graham has passed away in April last year. We have only just found out after speaking with Brian & Liz at Butlins this weekend. We would like to send our condolences to Dave & Lisa, and I will get over at some time in the very near future.
    It was solely the "fault" (sorry!) of Graham that Catherine & I originally met, after Graham & I had been out somewhere or other and I was dropping him home as he announced that "a French Bird" had moved in to their shared house so I decided that on this occassion I would risk one of his "coffees" (something I regretted almost instantly...) and the rest is history. I will be forever grateful for him for that, and I must confess that a few tears were shed over the weekend for him as we had some time alone on the beach - not all sad ones though, as he had given us several rib-aching events over the years which were also remembered with fondness. His random Spanish phrases, constant Donald Duck impressions, his absolute dedication to the band, and unique sense of humour finding even the most unfunny things hilarious. One of the rib-aching events, I will not go into detail here, involved (not neccessarily in this order): a tea towel, coffee table, saucepan full of cold water, a bucket, our back garden, a foreign taxi driver and me telling him NOT to touch the glass containing some very strong absinthe. I will leave you to work out what happened - if you knew Graham, then you won't be far wrong.
    He will be sorely missed by us both.
    Dave & Catherine Brown
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    Was sad to see the story of Graham i was lucky enought to off gone to school ousedale with him attemp trumpet and play green grass bowl at wolverton with him where does time go i was enough to see my duaghter get grade 3 in trumpet and only came across this sad piece when trying to find out about my nephew playing my daughters trumpet
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    Sorry to hear the sad news. my sympathy goes out to his family.
    Gordon Higginbottom
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