Bradford Postmen's Band (c. 1899)

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    Just found some music in our Library's dark corner from 1899 stamped as belonging to Bradford Postmen's Band.

    A lot of our older library collection is inherited from the, now no more, Bradford Victoria Band so I presume BVB formed out of the Bradford Postmen's Band.
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    I understood that Bradford Vic evolved from Bradford City Band, but others may know better.

    - Mr Wilx
  3. iancwilx

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    I've just found this info from a book by Roy Newsome in a para about Tom F. Atkinson.

    "Tom Atkinson (b.1899) was born into a Salvation Army Banding family in Port Glasgow.
    He moved to Bradford and in 1923 became Bandmaster of Great Horton Salvation Army Band.
    In 1936 he left the S.A. and became Conductor of Bradford Victoria Band which had just adopted this title having previously being known as Bradford City Temperance Band"
    Interesting ?

    Incidentally, as mentioned before, I was taught by TFA and his son Arthur, but in the early 1970s Arthur actually played trombone for quite a few months in my Bavarian Oompah Band (I have photos) and although I was in my mid 20s and I was employing him, I always called him "Mr Atkinson" as though he was still my teacher - old habits die hard.
    They were both excellent guys and I still hold them in high esteem. I wonder if young Arthur is still with us. He used to live in Farsley.

    - Mr Wilx

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