Bradford(ish) Sat rehearsal room for 4th section?

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    Hi all,

    I hope someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction or help out?

    Deepcar band are looking for somewhere to rehearse before the Yorkshire 4th section on Saturday 5th March. We are trying the hotel next to the St George's Hall, but i am sure we have missed the boat on that one.

    Does anyone from up that way know of a scout hut/school room/hotel/band room/village hall etc etc in and around the Bradford area who we may be able to get in touch with to see if we can arrange a rehearsal before the contest starts?

    Any pointers or ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with the surrounding area at all.

    Many thanks in advance!!


    The Bradford Hilton Hotel (just over the road have several rooms for hire and are used by many bands,the NCP car park is next door.I have also stayed over in this hotel during the weekend , the rooms were quite cheap as well as it was winter rates.
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    Nice one Stuart!

    Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    I rang them before Christmas and were going to get back to me as we asked for a room from 9am and they were checking out it that was ok for bands to be playing that early. Got prices from The Great Victoria (next to the hall) and the Midland (in Foster Square) they were dearer so we got a room where you wanted one. They have a number so it might be worth giving them ago too.

    See you on the day
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    rehearsal room

    if you get really stuck, my own band rehearse in a small village called BAILDON which is about 5/6 miles away from St Georges hall and perhaps by arrangement with the management of the club we would be able to allow you use of our bandrooom. There would be a charge but if you are desperate give me a shout and I'll make enquiries

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    Thanks for all the help (and of course offers!) so far folks. I knew the mouthpiece would be the place for the best help!!

    Will get working on these options, and Louise - the offer is hugely appreciated!