Bourgeois Concert for Brass Quintet - original version

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    Some of you may know the Bourgeois Concerto for Brass Quintet and Brass Band (and orchestral version). Before the concerto version it was originally written just as a brass quintet for the Phiip Jones Brass Quintet but they considered it too big/difficult a blow and never performed it hence the subsequent versions.

    With Derek's permission I've now created a performance of the original version (and you really can understand why PJBE balked at it) which you can hear (in it's virtual world premier) here

    This was created with Sibelius 6 and the Vienna Symphonic library and you can read a bit more about it on my WS.

    Hope you enjoy it.
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    Bourgeois Concerto for Brass Quintet - original version

    The link has changed to HERE as the composer spotted two wrong notes (grrrr!).

    Why can't I edit my own posts?:(
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    Bump! - I know everyones excited about the Whit Friday marches but there might be room for a little Bourgeois between their Cossacks and their Knight Templars.
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    A great composition and a great piece of work too - much rather listen to this than a load of marches..........
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    Well gee! Thanks Mr Norman I sure does appreciate your kind remarks. There's one "March" you might like to listen to!